10 easy ways to save money

It doesnt always matter how much money you make, at the end of the day it is how you spend it. You can save money by implying watching where you spend. It is critical to make sure that you watch where your spending goes! You can become smarter about your money by taking care of a few simple things. Know what you so need to live a little so I understand hat some of these list items will be tough on you but set goals and a budget! 

  1. Cable/Satellite TV-how much time do we spend watching Tv? Can you get your shows on something as simple as Netflix or Hulu? If you can ditch the huge cable bill! This bill is $90+ in our household and we will be cutting it out soon!!
  2. Product Protection & Extended Warranties- most large items already come with a one year warranty if not more so there really isn’t a point for that! Sometimes even toys kids can ask for extended warranties which I think is pointless since they won’t last forever anyway!!
  3. Services (I Can do Myself)- We do our own car cleaning inside and outside. We brought a ride own lawn mower many years ago so we take care of our own yard! Little things like this can save you money in the long run plus you can even offer these services to neighbors etc for a small fee!
  4. Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets I use everything in my kitchen. I have one crock pot etc. I make sure to use all the applicances and items that I have in my kitchen. If I don’t use them I send them off to sell.
  5. Digital Music- I allow myself to purchase some things on iTunes for myself or my kids if we are going on a long car ride. Otherwise to listen to music I have pandora (free) or YouTube (free)
  6. Landline Phone Service-  We don’t have one and never plan on having one. Our cell phone bill is enough and covers everything that we need.
  7. Bottled Water –  We have a water filter in our fridge so we make sure to use that over bottled water. However, we do have bottled water for back up such as storms, etc.
  8. Pre-made food This includes anything from lean cuisine meals to packaged fruit, veggies, etc. We will buy all fresh then will go ahead with freezing it as needed.
  9. Newspapers and Magazines-  NOPE wont do it! I would rather pay the small $4 fee on Sundays rather than a subscription. Plus with all the coupons I can get online theres no need for the print copies anymore.
  10. Gym membership .. nope we had that before and meddles to say we never had it never so we won’t go back to that.

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  1. Cutting cable was a big one for us and we haven’t looked back since. I have Amazon Prime, so my daughters still get all their favorite shows and I rather read a book than watch tv, So it’s a win-win for us all.

  2. Great list! We have been streaming Netflix and Hulu now for almost 3 years and we love it! I’ve also gotten rid of many of my one item kitchen tools and I love the space it gives me and money savings for not falling for needing to buy every little gadget. I must say that I do have a gym membership because I have a 4 and 2 year old, so I need childcare while I work out lol. It often saves my sanity.

  3. This are great tips! I cut out DirecTV and opted for sling tv and ditched gym memberships and utilized walking in my neighborhood and workout dvds. So much cheaper! I liked that you mentioned freezing fresh fruits and veggies I just started doing this!

  4. The cable bill is a must to cut! I was so tired of Comcast and switched over to Netflix. As for gym memberships, I much prefer being outdoors and doing something in nature without having a contract and the expense every month. Great list! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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