10 Summer Activities for Kids

We can’t help but get excited that spring is around the corner. Most parents and kids start to wonder about what they can do with beautiful weather here to stay! It’s time to put those electronics away and get outside!! We put together a list of our favorite spring activity for children of all ages!

  1. Take a walk around the neighborhood.this kinda seems silly doesn’t it!? Take a different route in the neighborhood… or go on a walk with a friend in your neighborhood you will be surprised how much you can explore right in your neck of the woods!
  2. Plant your favorite fruit, vegetable, or flower.
    We are truly excited to be planting new things soon!!! It’s so much fun to watch kids reactions to anything that grows! Plus you get to have a hobby to keep up on. Your kids can check up on it as often as they like!
  3. Ride bikes. Let’s go back to the days before kids had electronics all the time! I remember growing up and riding my bikes all the time! You can do it together as a family or just with friends!
  4. Visit your local farm for a hay ride, to ride ponies, and to see animals.
    Most local farms open in early spring and usually have a lot of fun activities. Look out when it comes closer to specific holidays like Easter or 4th of July etc. they can have great activities for kids of all ages!!
  5. Play sports or visit a park!
    Pick a sport to play and enjoy the afternoon playing that game with others! Encourage the kids it’s not about winning but about having fun! You can also visit a park and find endless possibilities there! You can swing, go down the slide, and SO much more!!
  6. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
    Create pictures with sidewalk chalk. Chalk is so cool! This simple activity can keep children happy for hours.
  7. Climb trees.
    Help young children learn to climb, but make sure you watch them carefully! And have someone always near by!
  8. Visit a strawberry farm to pick strawberries.
    Pick fresh fruit. This is one of my greatest childhood memories! I love fresh fruit. You can taste it and it’s so incredible
  9. Spend a day at the zoo.
    It’s fun to see and learn about all the different animals at the zoo! Let your kids explore the zoo and purchase an item from there!
  10. Grill hamburgers.
    we love to grill out I mean who doesn’t!? You can make it fun by having them add heir own toppings!

What are some of your favorite summer childhood memories?

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  1. Great list! We are planning to grill this weekend. My girls love being able to play outside while my hubby cooks. And I love not having to be solely responsible for dinner.

  2. When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have a pool in or backyard. We went swimming everyday in the summer time. Those were good times! My kids love going to different playgrounds or to the beach. They also live colouring outside with chalk or having snacks on our front yard.

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