7 Benefits of Having a Garden

So with all this talk about a garden, why do it? What are the benefits of a garden?

  1. Garden for freshness: Stores can’t even come close to free vegetables for flavor and freshness; it is just not possible. Even though most items say fresh and organic there are a lot of processed vegetables and pestitces that affect these. You have to be careful when shopping at a grocery store for your fruits and vegetables.
  2. Saves Money: This is the number reason why I did it.. I am all about saving money and being healthy too; the two go hand in hand for me. I saw this as an opportunity instead of an investment.
  3. Minimize pesticide exposure: Pesticide residues decline as the pesticide breaks down over time. You can diminish such commodities by washing your vegetables and fruit so that they aren’t processed.
  4. Avoid tainted produce: Chances are your fruits and vegetables won’t be recalled. Think about the time when there was rat poop in bagged lettuce, this won’t happen with your vegetables. Always make sure to clean them off too.
  5. Garden for exercise: It is true; it gets me out of the house away from the computer! It helps me to get the walks in (since I monitor them on my Apple Watch). I get up stretch out and carry the water bottle, which is fairly heavy and helps me get in that exercise.
  6. For your health: Eating vegetables is essential for your health. You need greens and vitamins and this gives you that exactly. Again there aren’t any processed items so you will get the best benefits from it.
  7. It’s social: You will have some extra stuff its guarantee and people will want your gardening tips, tricks, and food.

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