3 Reasons Your Toddler Needs A Floor Bed

Hello! I am Noelle of Oh Happy Play (www.ohhappyplay.com). In recent months I have become the go to for all things floor beds and I am so happy to have a chance to share my love of them with you all!


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Floor beds are uncommon ground for most. We live in a society where the concept almost doesn’t make sense to some. A bed on the floor nearly seems too easy and it kind of is! The idea and function behind it are actually more “complex” than the act of creating it! Why run out and spend money on a new bed when you can utilize what you have while actually benefiting your child in the long run!? Here are my 3 reasons your toddler needs a floor bed!


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  1.     It’s functional! Essentially your child needs a place to sleep and this provides them with just that! No need to mess with guardrails and crazy noodles under the sheets to keep your child safely in bed because if they fall off a floor bed they’re not going to get hurt. There is virtually no fall when your bed is already on the floor! Worried about monsters under the bed? Those would be some super smashed up monsters because there is no “under the bed” to worry about. All kidding aside, a floor bed is the most functional bed you can provide your little one.  It’s at their level and easily accessible to them.
  2.     They are beneficial! The idea of a floor bed comes from the decades old way of learning called the Montessori Method. You can find out more about our love of them here (http://ohhappyplay.com/2016/07/toddler-floor-beds-101/). Essentially a floor bed teaches children to learn their own body cues and sleep readiness by giving them the freedom to move freely throughout their room. My 2.5 year old will now tell me when she is tired and I can find her just laying in her bed reading books at any given time. She doesn’t look at bedtime dreadfully anymore and in fact she looks forward to her quiet time in bed! The lasting benefit of what your child develops from transitioning to a floor bed is far beyond just going to sleep.
  3.     They can be super cost effective! We had our floor beds made by a local carpenter but you could essentially just put a mattress on the floor and have a floor bed! If you have a handy person in your life they could probably recreate ours for less than $100. I am putting plans together that will be made available on my blog soon! But whether a twin mattress like what we used or just the crib mattress you used previously, it is really up to you as far which size you choose to go with. If you’re working on a budget this is sure way to get your child transitioned out of their crib into a more independent situation at virtually no cost to you. Once they have transitioned and are a little older they can then be changed to a raised bed if you prefer.  


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Ever since transitioning my first I have become a floor bed advocate and I love sharing them with other! I hope from this you have gained a little insight to the idea behind floor beds and why you should consider one for your toddler!

Enjoy! Xo Noelle www.ohhappyplay.com

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  1. Love this floor room bed that has the outline of a house. Even as teenagers my kids took their beds apart and wanted just the box spring and mattress on the floor. Whatever works.

  2. I agree! Until kids are big enough, it is better for safety. We started out with our oldest and moved him to a regular bed with a bedrail and found out quickly that just putting a mattress on the floor was waaaay better!

  3. My toddler is currently in a makeshift floor bed as she gets the hang of her big girl bed. It works for now, but I’m looking forward to transitioning her to a “regular height” bed.

  4. I love this! I actually know someone who’s daughter fell out of bed in the middle of the night and cut their nose on a desk to the point they were going to the ER at 3 am for stitches. Having a floor bed is so much safer!

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