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On Guard Essential Oil, The Protective Blend

On Guard! This is one of my favorite oils not only because of the amazing benefits it brings to my family after a long day at school/work but because it smells so good! Diffusing On Guard along with Wild Orange and Lemon creates a lovely scent that uplifts my family and boosts their immune system at the same time. Another of my favorite ways to use this oil is the On Guard Beadlets. They are 1/4th of a drop of oil from the bottle which is the perfect amount if you need a quick pick me up. On Guard is one of the most popular oils blends at dōTERRA because of its wide range of uses. How have you used the oil in your home?

OnGuard Beadlets

doTERRA On Guard Product Description
As one of doTERRA’s most popular blends, doTERRA On Guard essential oil has incredible uses and benefits for both body and home. This protective blend can be taken internally to support respiratory function and the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.* With powerful immune-supporting properties, doTERRA On Guard is well-known for its ability to protect against environmental and seasonal threats.* doTERRA On Guard is an effective non-toxic cleaning agent that can be used to clean skin and household surfaces. doTERRA On Guard can also be diffused to help cleanse and purify the air. This essential oil blend has an energizing aroma that is warm and spicy.


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To learn more about this versatile oil, check out its spotlight here:https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/spotlight-doterra-on-guard-protective-blend.

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  1. I have never tried essential oils before but I have so many friends who do! What is your favorite for helping to boost your immune system? Cold season is coming up!

  2. So interesting, I always see posts about essential oils but never took much time to find out that they are for. This is something I would definitely be interested in trying.

  3. I have recently started to get into essential oils and orange and lemon are the 2 most commonly used oils in my arsenal. Even my 5 year old gets excited when I break out the oils!

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