4 Tips For Freezing Meat & Food

Did you know that you can freeze other foods, besides fruits and vegetables? You can freeze fish, shellfish, and poultry. Here are some general tips on the freezing process, as well as some specifics on how to freeze fruits and vegetables.


  • Containers: This is probably the most important item in freezing foods. You will want a tightly sealed product. This will make sure that the foods won’t develop odd flavors, or lose their color. One example of a good container includes freezer bags of various sizes. You may even want rigid plastic containers that have wide tops, or freezing/canning jars. *Make sure that any wrapping or covering used for freezing are moisture proof and that they can be tightly sealed. All packaging materials should be able to withstand a temperature of 0 degrees F.

2. Other equipment Another item that you will need and is essential for freezing vegetables is a large pot and a basket for blanching or steaming. You will also want a kitchen timer The General Freezing Process

  • Select top-quality fresh, ripe but firm fruit and vegetables. You will want to choose vegetables that are best for freezing.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables in cold water and prepare them. Make sure to keep your work area clean so that you don’t cross contaminate.
  • Pack the food tightly into containers, leaving space needed at the top.
  • For a good seal make sure to wipe the bottom of the container, as well as around the edges.

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