4 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Grocery shopping can be a burden to some, but do not fear there are some simple tasks to be done in order to help you stay at ease, on budget, and focused. Seriously follow these tasks + get our printable of the grocery shop sheet so you can use it over as many times as you’d like, and things will be PERFECT!

  • List/Compare: Make a list of everything you need. Plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week then go off the ingredient list of what you will need. This will help you stay focused. Compare the price with stores. You will find that sometimes there are sales on specific items rather than other items. For example, we use Walmart for a lot of things! We use them for the everyday grocery needs, but go to Sam’s to buy meat in bulk!
  • Coupons: Coupons can be a tough one. You need to stay on top of the game. Make sure that they don’t expire, make sure that you aren’t buying things that you don’t need, and lastly making sure that you don’t forget them at home! Always, make sure that the coupons are things that you are going to need!
  • Buy in Bulk: I promise you that this alone saves you money. Read our Sam’s Club  post about buying in bulk AND what to buy in bulk!
  • Back up Plans: Sometimes there are days when you are home from work late, or don’t feel like cooking, etc. For these days have back up options.. Make sure you have items stocked like tomato soup & grilled cheese, or chicken nuggets etc. We get that you’re busy and don’t judge if you are having these items… stock up on them and allow a few days to be spoiled.

Stick to these options and you will find that your grocery shopping is much more manageable and in que. Do you do something that helps you with stay together when it comes to grocery shopping? We’d love to hear more! P.S always make sure that you have a BUDGET in mind when you go shopping… When you are shopping do the math in your head as you go so you don’t go overboard!


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