4 Ways to Lower your Grocery Shopping Bills

You can lower your grocery bill by a number of ways. The first way is to buy in bulk. Know what works and doesn’t work and shop smart. For example, buy things that will last in bulk and you will actually use.

  • Know Prices

Know when things are a good deal versus when they are marked up to make it seem like a good deal. I typically do this by looking at all the ads on Sundays. I compare and contrast everything from the pound to the price to the brand name. This is so critical to make sure that you are getting the same thing with another price. Too many times I see people comparing prices, but it isn’t the same amount or same item. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

  • Stock up whenever possible

Avoid going out whenever possible. There is no reason to run to the store so many times a week! In order to save money sometimes you have to stock up and buy things when they are on sale, clearance, or just to stock up. The biggest things I think of here are the canned good items.. Stock up on those as much as possible. I typically pick up 2 soups every visit, and canned vegetables every visit too!

  • Use sides/condiments

Meat is the main source for any dish, especially in our household. Use vegetables, potatoes, soups, salads whenever possible, so that you can keep your meat pile. Don’t over use your meat; you don’t need to have all the meat in one day. For example I usually get 4 chicken breasts and divide those up in baggies. I keep 2 for one day and the rest for another day. This way I am not using up all my meat but I am still have enough meat to feed my hunger. Then from there we do one vegetable and one pure carb. This helps keeps the meals balance and keeps our stock supply up.

  • Cook from scratch

It is extremely healthy and makes for a much better meal than anything. You are able to monitor what you are using and not using. You will feel much better that it isn’t processed! More importantly you can save more money this way. A lot of times when you make your own food, you will notice you don’t need massive amounts of ingredients which in turn means that you will be able to keep up with your stock pile.

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