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5 Easy Ways To Make Money Without Even Trying

I love being able to make money doing nothing. Who doesn’t? Why not get paid for being on your phone and even for shopping? Right? Doesn’t it sound so dreamy?! You can… now, it’s not going to make you a millionarire overnight, but you can use this money for gifts, etc. I know because it has helped me over the years! Yes, years.

I have been a part of these programs for a long time. Here’s some information about each of them:

  1. Swagbucks: Earn $3 in Swagbucks credit for every person who signs up. You’ll earn 10% of their earnings for LIFE! This doesn’t require people to spend any money out of pocket for you!! And the more you encourage your friends to earn Swagbucks, the more you earn. You can cash in your SBs for gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and more. Read more about how to earn more Swagbucks here.  (HELLO birthday gifts!)
  1. Iibotta: Earn $5 cash for every person who signs up through your link! BUT you can also earn a $10 Welcome Bonus. As if that’s not enough, they also offer special incentives and bonuses throughout the year. This is another great program to promote because you are helping your friends save money while earning cash. Download the app with referral code: ocwrist (there’s something for both of us!) Read more here https://susieliberatore.com/2016/08/21/ibotta-making-money-off-groceries-more/
  2. Ebates: Earn a $15 bonus for every person who signs up through your link and makes a minimum purchase that qualifies. The company sends you a check for your earnings every quarter. This is a no brainer! You shop online and it will find deals to get you cash back., So make that money girl!. 😉  Read more about it here 
  3. Shopkick: Earn 250 kicks for every person you refer. Shopkick is an app that rewards you for going into stores or taking actions in stores, the best part is you don’t have to buy anything! You can cash in your kicks for gift cards. Use code BLUE930017 or download 
  4. Check Out 51:  Again, this is another great one. You go grocery shopping, upload your receipt, and get money back on qualifying purchases. Easy as pie and too simple not to take advantage of!  Read more about it here

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  1. I’ve used most of these and it’s surprising how quickly little sums of $5 here and there will build up. I just checked and I have almost $100 all told if I cash out of every one of those sites! Thanks for the reminder to go get that free money.

    1. I signed up for an app (I want to say fetch?) That you enter your grocery reciepts in and can earn gift cards back. I haven’t used it yet though. I am all for saving money without having to try hard.

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