5 Things Successful People Do Every Day

Being a business owner has changed me for the better. I have learned how to get things done efficiently and as best as I can. I have learned along the way, made mistakes, and changed my mindset. I changed my habits and knew that I couldn’t keep going the way I was with getting overwhelmed and stress.

The minute that you change your habits and mindset is when you see your full potential, AND CREATE that potential! Yes, that is the truth.

Here are my top 5 tips that I do daily:

  1. I focus on minutes, not hours. When I am waiting to pick up my son, I respond to emails. I make every single MINUTE MATTER. When I am laying in bed, I make sure I have my calendar ready for the next day. These time management skills have helped me increase my sales.
  2. I focus on only one task. I create a daily list of things to do and make sure the top two are the must get done for the day. I focus on one item at a time and complete it with high quality.
  3. I use a notebook. I print out notes from my computer and create checklists. Then, even write daily in my notebook, random thoughts, lists, and ideas. It is a necessity for my chaos to be organized.
  4. I process emails only a few times per day. My email signature states that I check my email from 10-11 A.M. DAILY. I create CRM and project boards for clients so they can communicate, and if it is an emergency, they text me. I do not look over emails all day, every day.
  5. I avoid meetings at all costs. I only do phone or computer meetings now. In-person meetings are kept to a minimum if done at all. The travel time, the wait time, and the meeting time ends up being a waste, and let’s focus on number 1 — all that time matters. We can use it in a much better way.

BONUS: I delegate a lot. I know where my strengths lie. I know how to communicate, and I use those skills. I outsource whenever the opportunity arises for writing, editing, SEO, sales, and even some marketing. I focus on the graphics that people buy because that’s what sells.

Share with me what you do to be successful with your business? How have you transformed over the years or even months? Do you agree with my list?


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  1. Excellent suggestions! I need to get much better at STAYING on task. Never before have I been a rabbit hole explorer, but recently I’m finding myself in all sorts of random “places” these days and it takes a long time to even remember where I was supposed to be. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I also agree that working on one task at a time is so important. I also sit down on Sundays and look over my week just to better prepare myself for the week ahead. It gives me a chance to make any changes and prioritize my to do list based on what’s happening that week.

  3. Great tips. I agree that you are more successful if you focus on one task at a time. I have 2-3 must complete tasks and knock them out one at a time. One thing that really helps me is to keep a daily schedule. What I plan to do and when I plan to do it. It helps to keep me on track and really utilize the time I have alone to complete tasks.

  4. It’s really good to be mindful of every minute. We always think of hours and end up wasting a good amount of “minutes” doing something not helpful for our growth.

  5. Thanks for sharing! My favorite takeaways were completing one task at a time high quality. I multitask all day at work and feel like each project isn’t 100% because of the volume of tasks, so I want to focus on one thing at a time this week. Also, I love how you set a timeframe for checking emails. I check all day, which is a terrible habit. Your post was so helpful!

  6. The minutes definitely matter! If you get caught up in what you have to do in a hour it can seem like a lot or the time will fritter away and you haven’t accomplished anything.

  7. These are great things to keep in mind! I always take written notes — works better for me — and I feel like I have “side notes” jotted down that I can always go back to. These can sometimes boost my memory about something that may have been said in passing or a thought I had at the time. Thanks!

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