5 ways to change your daily routine

Are you not happy with where your time has been going lately? There once was a time when I felt like I could get everything done and then some. Lately that has not been the case by any means. I have really force feed myself to get things done and I am wondering why.. Things have of course changed! Being a wife and mother is no easy task. I literally have to take notes of things to get done such as laundry.

I have decided to find out where my time is really going.. I promised myself that I would now start to have a schedule and stick to it. I have had major anxiety over the last couple of months and I realized that in order to motivate myself and get in the frame of mind that I need to be, I need to manage my time and set schedules and set goals.

The problem is that when you work from home you realize it is harder than you think. When you have a toddler or dog running around you forget things. When the laundry is over flowing full of stuff, do you do that or work? These are all things that run through my head constantly. I have to dedicate time to certain projects throughout the day or else nothing will get done and my anxiety will increase.


I get so distracted easily these days.. I sit in my home office and want to decorate my walls, like really!? I need to stay focused and it is super hard sometimes. Just like anything we need to stick to it and get a schedule going. I am sharing with y’all my schedule… and how I am getting motivated and going. YES there are time slots for lunch, dinner, meds, etc. I have alerts because y’all I am that forgiving these days. And it IS okay!

  1. Set food breaks!! This is a MUST. Get out if you need to..
  2. Hire a Nanny or daycare.. This is A MUST.! I have antonio in daycare three days a week. Those three days are dedicated to work! The other two are dedicated to mommy and antonio!
  3. Set Goals for the week. Set personal and business goals for the week. IF you need to do laundry but have a huge deadline, manage the time efficiently.
  4.  Ignore social media. Only go on social media if you need to post things, then GET OFF IT. This KILLS time y’all! Set social media schedules if you need to (Facebook 10 minutes, etc).
  5. Wake up earlier. I wake up earlier than anyone in my house. I have to unload the dishwasher get ready for antonio to wake up, etc. AND eat breakfast. I can get a lot done before anyone else wakes up!

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