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5 Ways To Prep For Winter

By now, many of us are starting to experience the winter months. Sigh. Couldn’t it just stay fall or summer all year? I wish. Whenever winter comes, we have to prep to be ready for it. We can get stuck in blizzards or snowed in indoors.

Here are 5 ways to prep for winter.

  • Insulate Pipes and Spigots: Older homes need this step. If you lose power a lot too, you will want to take care of these items. You do not want your pipes to burst; It isn’t any fun at all. TRUST ME. Save time and money by handling this bit before it’s too late.
  • Stock Up on Fuel and Have a Backup for Heat: If you have a fireplace, you will want to stock up on wood now. Also, check that the fireplace works and is cleaned before the winter storms come rolling in. If you do not have a fireplace, now is the time to think of another option, such as a generator. We actually have BOTH (fireplace and a generator) just because we always like to be prepared for any instance.
  • Add a Coat and Create an Emergency Kit: This is one of the most important steps, I think, personally. Make sure that you have coats, blankets, socks, gloves, extra clothes, etc. in your car at all times. You never know when you’ll need them, especially if you live in areas where you always get winter storms. OR better yet, what if your car breaks down and there isn’t even a winter storm? You will be ready. Here is an emergency kit to consider, too.
  • Get Chimneys and Furnaces Cleaned: Be careful how you place your heaters, candles, etc. as you do not want to start a fire. Turn electronics and such off when you aren’t home, and teach the kids the importance of this, too.
  • Snow Tires and Car Prep: You want to take care of your car kit before the winter storms come.  Be sure to have everything up to date with your mode of transportation. If you do not know, take it into a shop so they will check it all out for you.

I also like to keep water in my car as well as any necessities (I keep overnight bags just in case). You guys, we get crazy winters here, and I always like to be prepared. What are some items that you keep in your car during the winter months?


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