A recap of a one year olds birthday. 

WOW, this weekend we pretty much partied like rockstars! Antonio turned 1 and my goodness it was so awesome. We had so much fun, got so many gifts, ate so much food, and spent so much time with our loved ones.


Most of you know that Antonio LOVES LOVES mickey mouse so the theme was Mickey!!! From start to finish, it was red, white, black, and a hint of yellow. I was extremely particular about everything that was chosen.

We started preparing for this birthday back in MAY! My goodness.. I am not even kidding you.. It was rough I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for it since he was one. Then people always ask what to get him for his birthday and I had no idea, so we decided toys, clothes, and money was the best option.


There was so much to go into a birthday and regardless, I wanted pictures to show how perfect and awesome it was. I am lucky that my brother is a photographer and was able to capture some wonderful memories for us! I am so glad that our loved ones could share this day with us!

NOW on to the birthday.. We started pretty mellow. I was bossing people around, I guess, to get things done. RIGHT someone has to. So with that being said people started arriving and I had no idea where my kid was… people were playing and holding him. It was great not really knowing where he was but I sure missed him.

We had the event catered, it was SOOOO easy and quick. It was the best stressful free option when you have over 40 people. Between a spilt family and a large family and of course friends it adds up! I finally knew where my kid was from here on out since I feed him and made sure he was getting taken care of!


THEN. After we ate people were already starting to get antsy, thats just the nature of it. So we had to hurry up and do Antonios cupcake smash.. That alone took about 20 minutes because he was shy at first! Once he tasted it, he figured it out and loved it.


Now we are off to cleaning him up so we can open gifts.. Let me tell you.. GIFTS.. I could open a kid store. It literally took FOREVER for gifts to open. He was beyond spoiled. I can’t even begin to describe to you how many gifts we got and how long it really took!! Antonio was SOO fascinated by it and was a champ about it.


Of course he wanted to play with every single toy, so when I had to take it away he was confused. I can’t believe how attentive he was and how he held out for as long as he did. After this people started to leave and we just hung out from here on out. We started to take tons of family pictures since we don’t get to see everyone often.

I know he wont ever remember this, but I will forever remember this and have the memories forever. Enjoy these moments! 



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