A Reflection of 2022 As A Single Mom

As 2022 comes to an end, I want to take a minute to look back on the year. This year has been an incredible year. I remember when my brother told me that my 30s are about finding myself. 

He couldn’t be more right. I have really found myself and my calling. I have grown in all areas. I can honestly say that I feel my best right now. 

I am happy and content, but with that came a lot of ups and downs because that is life. 

I like to talk about positives and negatives because so many can relate.  However, let’s talk about growth because this seems to be my favorite topic. 

  • I have grown my client database and my team this year. We have just under 10 contractors for my agency Visions2images.com. It has been incredible to scale and systemize items. 
  • I love being able to provide for my family, but also for others. I know that my contractors are excellent and I feel great providing for them. 
  • I was able to give back to many organizations this year. Some of my favorites are Akron Autism, Soroptimist, Empowered Sports, and Redemption Church
  • I started to redecorate my house.  I am now in the process of redecorating my office space (more to come soon on that). 
  • I have built amazing friendships and partnerships over the year. I am truly thankful for the support and love in the community and life! 
  • Antonio has been doing AMAZING and thriving in all areas. I am excited to see him grow and blossom in the coming year. It has been so inspiring to hear him speak these days. I look forward to having more conversations with him. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were some issues that rose this year, but like anything, in life, we move past it and keep chugging along. Whatever life throws at you, you got this. 

I am looking forward to a New Year simply because we have so many amazing launches and ideas coming your way soon.

Here is to another great year! Cheers.

Meet Susie Liberatore

As an Art Director with over 10 years of experience in the agency and corporate world, I saw global and local clients missing out on so many opportunities to get leads because of inconsistent branding. My goal is to help them generate new clients with my strategic processes. I help businesses NOT waste time or money and provide the highest quality design and service. As a single mom to an autistic child, I know how valuable time and money are. 

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