A Step by Step Guide for Grocery Shopping With an Autism Kid.

Whether you are just a mom, or a mom of an autism kid, you know that everything matters. They are like sponges and take in everything. You know that the little things do matter and before your little one turned into a toddler you documented everything. Now is not different.

Autism kids remember things and learn differently, and no kid is the same no matter who who they are. It is important to keep track of your kids progress, skills, and traits. I never realized things until my son was diagnosed with autism. Now when I meet with other people they ask questions “how did you know he was autistic”. I wish I kept track of my thoughts, feelings, and progress. I wish I kept track of his speech notes daily so that I could look back and be more organized as a mother. Let’s face it, we all wish for these things but time gets the best of us.

So here are a few quick things that I have been doing with Antonio and keeping track of. I like to get out of the house with Antonio as much as possible so it doesnt seem like a long day. In the store I let Antonio pick things off the shelf. If he isnt in the cart, I still let him pick things up and re arrange their shelfs. They might get mad at us, but we are learning. During this process I talk to him about what it is, the colors, everything. I pretty much document everything verbal. Part of being autistic is letting him take in everything.


  • I let him put the stuff we are buying in the cart. This is a huge favorite of his. He sees me putting them in the shopping cart, so he wants to too! So whenever I get something I give it to him and tell him “put in” we know put in from speech very well so this is a must. He really likes this part and sometimes even tries to eat when he knows it something that he likes.
  • During all of this, I try to go to the store when there isnt much people around so that we don’t feel rushed, or embarrassed. Lets face it, we all have had the one person who takes up the whole aisle and is annoying.
  • I let him touch the screen at check out. I know this isnt ideal but he sees and hears the beeps going then sees me paying for it with my card, so he wants to help. I allow him to help out in any way that he can. Even if I just narrate a few things for him. I have to make sure he doesnt sneak anything else in the shopping cart this tim too!
  • Lastly, I let him have free range wherever we go and when I need to stop him I do. Sometimes he needs to play and explore all on his own. Other times we need narration and discipline I make sure to allow for both times so that he can process and take it all in.

Of course we sanitize when we get home but these things do very much better when you have an autimn kid they take every little thing in.

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  1. Shopping with children can be difficult. All the of things you talked about would work for all children. Something for all moms to think about.

  2. I have a son with Down syndrome and I was so thankful when the time came when I didn’t have to bring him shopping! It was NUTS.

    He’s matured with time and enjoys going out shopping now.

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