A way to make money from your Receipts! 

I have been using “Receipt Hog”  for quite sometime, about five months or so. Basically, you shop, snap the receipt, and get paid. It’s really THAT simple and easy. I promise you, it’s perfect! It does take sometime to make that money since you need to reach a certain amount of points before you can cash out.

When I first discovered it, I thought that I would never make money off it. It took sometime to get the money since you have to make a certain amount of points. You can literally snap receipts of ANYTHING. That’s kind of the best part! There isn’t a limit on how much the receipt has to be either!


I never thought I would be collecting receipts! Goodness, why not, right?! If I can make money and get some extra money for something SO simple let’s do it! The receipt has to be uploaded within a certain amount of days so make sure to snap the images right away so that it counts and you get your money for it!

Furthermore, you can get ‘bonuses’ were you can win Hog Slots, take paid surveys, win free shopping trips, and so much more. I’m telling y’all it’s ADDICTING!

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