Hello I’m susie liberatore

I grew up in the digital age where I discovered my passion for design and art at a very young age. I loved instant aol and creating dance programs before knowing anything about design.

After working in the agency and corporate world I saw so many businesses missing out on creative opportunities. There is nothing worse than going to from a website to social media only to think to yourself “is this still the same company?” Because their branding isn’t consistent! This is how businesses lose leads.

I help mid size businesses bring in new leads because of their digital branding.

I turned my passion into a profitable business as a single mother to an autistic kid. I love filling in the gaps that are missing in businesses I crave this!

I am the Art Director of visions2images & invested over a decade mastering the digital design world and was an early insider to the Digital Marketing space learning the twists and turns of exactly how to bring that physical brand to the online space.      

My clients rave about how professional and creative I am when it comes to solving their problems visually. I get what they are saying! Each client is so unique and different that each approach is customized to their needs and they love it! I save them time and Money and grow with them

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