Aroma Sense Showerheads

I was so lucky and happy when I found Aroma Sense! Shower heads can be one of those things that you don’t like to deal with. I know I always make my husband go out and shop around for them. However, I am so thankful and happy to have found these shower heads over at Aroma Sense.

It is so much more than a traditional shower head! It has an Aromatherapy effect which helps provide an uplifting scent to enhance relaxation. I love natural oils! The best part about this it neutralizes chlorine from unfiltered water. My personal favorite thing behind this product is that it promotes healthier skin and hair!


Lets talk about functionality! It is a powerful shower head and I LOVE the way that the water comes out in a steady flow. Nothing is more annoying than a shower head that can’t keep up with the water and pressure! It is 1.5 times greater than traditional shower heads AND even reduces water consumption by 25%. You know we are all about saving money and being frugal so the fact that we can reduce water simply by using a shower head makes me over the edge happy!

You don’t have to worry about the rust that can happen on this shower head because it has microfiber grapes that get rid of dust, dirt, and other things that get through water piping systems. My mother in law was so impressed with this and was telling all her friends about it!! Head on over to their website to get one for yourself!

PLUS I kinda dig the way it looks in our bathroom!


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