Back to School Gift For You!

If you are anything like me.. you love kitchen goods, AKA pampered chef! I love it all and their products last FOREVER.. no really.. my friend Angela Davis is having a great sale and she is extending this through September! It is also available to , teachers, friends, and even home-school teachers as well!

Feel free to share if you might know someone who would be interested. As an added bonus shows held in August receive an extra special goodie! Home shows are included as well!This sounds like a deal sign me up now!!


How would you like to have more money? Take a trip? Or to have it all?! Let me show you how to make it all happen!

~Starting your very own business

~Booking a taste-testing party

~Place an order or reorder


~Gift Giving

For more info contact:

Angela Davis, Pampered Chef Director, 931-338-7555 (call or text)

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