Baseball With An Autistic Child

Antonio has been playing baseball now and it has been a great experience. Last year, he played but in a different capacity. It was much different because he didn’t quite fully understand the concept too well. I love the progress that he is making and enjoy being a baseball mom. 

I can’t help but think about all the progress he has made, but I also know that there is still so much more progress to be made. This baseball is not necessarily “normal.” This is a team for special needs children because they shouldn’t be excluded from items. What I LOVE most is they are paired with a buddy and they help them. (enter link). 

It is really fun watching everyone enjoy the game and make progress each week. Antonio is still trying to figure out the pieces. He understands how to run, throw, and hit, but doesn’t know when to do it. He also does not understand to throw the bat when he hits the ball. Regardless of all this, he is having fun and learning. 

It is great to have a great support system and options for special needs kiddos. The cost for this is super effective, and then we have to pay for baseball items (check it out here). 

Being patient can be hard, but I know that Antonio is making progress and that makes me happy! 

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