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Bedtime activities that will have your kids saying ‘thank you’

“Your children are so polite and well behaved!” This is a statement every parent wants to hear! Without a doubt, we all want our children to be respectful; to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; and to grow up to be competent teenagers and adults worth every “good citizenship” medal the world has to offer.


Unfortunately, children don’t just grow up being honest and gracious. These are character traits that must be purposely taught (and practiced) in order to be mastered. And while school focuses on teaching math, history, and science, it is at home where children learn to be thoughtful and well mannered, to show sympathy for friends, and to understand the meaning of community.

Our job as parents is to cultivate and teach positive character traits at home… every single day. But teaching life lessons to our kids doesn’t have to be burdensome nor undesirable.


Really… who wants to be that parent who’s always lecturing and nagging the kids about this type of stuff? We sure don’t! Instead, we’ve found an easier (and more gratifying) way to teach our children the personal skills they need, and have some fun while we’re at it: Bedtime activities games. That is why Koala Time is the best option for parents! 

Mini Board Games – There is something magical about board games. Starting with the set up of pawns, cards, and special components, there is always a feeling of adventure about a board game. Even after having played the same game before, there is always a new path, a different method, a unique ending. This is probably what makes board games such an excellent teaching tool! You can spark up conversations about decision-making, planning techniques, and even life strategies! All while your child is carefully listening and strategizing her next move.


Card Games – Card games are a great way to challenge thought-process and reasoning speed.   ‘Memory’ style games encourage children to think fast while recalling images and pictures. This is a skill parents can use to teach how to make connections or to encourage the appreciation of different points of views. Card games are useful with topics on emotions, character training, and making good choices.

Puzzles – From paper-and-pencil, to mechanical and 3D widgets, every puzzle requires the understanding and recognition of patterns, which reinforce problem-solving skills. Puzzles games are a great way to introduce conversation topics on creativity, communication, and perseverance.


We love this quote from Joseph Cornell: “Children understand and remember concepts best when they learn from direct personal experience” This is why we choose to teach character, work ethics, and relationships through “playthings” It works!

Their eyes light up and immediately their playful and learning senses are turned on when they hear “let’s play a game!” Of course our goal as parents is to nurture their development, guide their behaviors, and bring out the best in them along the way. But who said it had to be boring? Actually, it can be lots of fun!

We can instill character values and create memorable experiences for our children if we purposely incorporate playfulness and amusement into their lives. Kids are ready to play. Kids are ready to learn. It is up to us to embrace that opportunity and live out our parenthood to the fullest. Sharing fun bedtime activities is a great way to do just that. Have you tried playing games as part of your bedtime routine yet? Sign up for your Koala subscription today! 

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  1. I’d love to play these games with our grand kids when they visit. I adore the concept of toys that build character. There is so much mindless entertainment in the world, it’s nice to see play experiences that grow their mind.

  2. You seem like such an intentional mom! Great job! It is so encouraging to see that. My kiddos would love this once they get a little older!

  3. Such unique ideas for bringing playtime to the bedtime routine. Children really do learn best through authentic experiences.

  4. This is a really idea 🙂 I can’t say we have ever incorporated games into our bedtime routine but maybe we will have to 🙂

  5. we love all sorts of games here. they def do teach patience, perseverence, and being a good winner or loser! not always easy. i do like that my childrens elementary schools does do a great job at character and leadership education, it is so important and usually overlooked

  6. These look like some really great activities for kids!! I like things I can do with my daughter that are interactive without being too over stimulating before bedtime but still promote learning and help tire her out. And these activities seem perfect for that!

  7. This is such a great idea! I love that you are fully committing that time to the child, instilling character education and bonding with them. So many great tips in one place! Thanks!

  8. These are such basic ideas I can’t believe I haven’t thought of them myself. I love finding all of these articles that remind us how simple parenting can be. Sometimes I get lost reading all of the dense and complicated parenting tips.

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