Best Banking System to use: Get FREE $50.

I switched over my banking when I was going through a divorce. Still to this day, I am using it. Now I have transferred all my accounts to KeyBank. This bank has been so kind and amazing; they have truly provided amazing customer service. 

I think I have about 10 different accounts with them and I LOVE all the rewards and perks that come with this bank. It is also makes transferring money between accounts easier instead of writing checks or wire transfers. 

With the credit cards that I have now, I get cashback so that is a win-win. I have a local bank about five minutes from my house and they know me; I can rely on them and ask questions. 

Earn $50 when your friend opens a new checking account with a minimum opening deposit by December 31, 2021, and makes one $500 direct deposit in the first 60 days. Your gift will be delivered to you within 60 days of meeting the requirements if the account is still open and not overdrawn. They’ll get a great new checking account and $50, too. 

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