Best Holiday Tips For Sensory-Friendly Kids

The holidays can be overwhelming for an autistic child. Every kid is different, so some tips and techniques might not work for you. You know your child best, but I like to share my knowledge with others. 

  1. Try to take time out from everyone 
  2. Meltdowns might happen
  3. Communicate with others 
  4. Allow lights to be dimmed 
  5. Make plans ahead of time with a visual planner 
  6. Keep up with rewards 
  7. Plan an escape 
  8. Allow time blocks 
  9. Have routines in line
  10. Allow the sounds to be low 
  11. Take turns in rooms or circles in moderation 

It is important to keep things as consistent as possible during the holidays, but also to have fun. I know that whenever we have holidays and celebrations it can cause increased stimming and hyperness. These are great ways to help you through the holiday madness with an autistic child. 

You know your child best, and know what will work for them. It is also wise to express concerns and boundaries with your friends and family. 

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The holidays can be overwhelming for an autistic child.

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