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Break through for an Autism child

It seems that everyday we learn or do something new with Antonio’s autism. He is constantly changing. Kids go through changes autistic or not. The question is why and how to deal with them. Sometimes I wonder where he even comes up with these things that he does. However, it makes me happy when there is a new habit he starts because I know that we are making small steps .

I often wonder even is autism? I still haven’t found the answer to this. I’m not sure I ever will either, all I know is my kid is “different”.” But he is the happiest of them all, so it makes my job slightly easier. He lights up the room and enjoys life. The doctor gives fancy definitions but since every single kid is different there isn’t no real reason why or what.

I noticed that music and tv makes Antonio the happiest! This is considered “self-stimulating.” This is basically what makes him happy. It is when there is a repetition of movements, sounds or objects. This is a great characteristic of autism. But when he is watching tv he seems calmer.

What I love is that lately he has found his own way to communicate.. He will go up to someone’s hand or shirt and pull on it. This is his way of getting someone to walk over to what he wants whether it’s food or a toy, etc. This makes my heart melt just a little inside and I LOVE IT!

I try to take him out and expose him to as much I can. When we are in stores and I let him walk he will often times stop and sit on the floor. It could be embarrassing for me not him, but in this scenario I pick him up and take him towards something of interest and say, get up walk, with a great patient voice.

I told myself when I found out that he was autistic I was given this because God believed I could do this, he wanted to give me a challenge; he knew I am strong and could handle it! So with that being said I make sure to try to be patient and strong with him, and even others.

So when you are our and about and there’s a different kid.. or even a mother rushing.. or a mother trying to gather her kids. Tell her she is doing a great job she will appreciate more than you know. If you a mother you understand the struggles.

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