Make $300+ From Your Blog

Are you a blogger looking to make additional money? I love affiliate marketing and use many many programs for this. My current favorite one is Brand Cycle. There are a lot of large brand names that they work with. They even provide you most of the times with custom content that you can just plug right in on your website so there isn’t extra w ork for you!!


BrandCycle helps improve the quality and productivity of retailer-publisher relationships in the affiliate marketing industry by providing the technology and services to strategically connect lifecycle retailers on a performance basis with high quality content and influencer partners in the mom, family, baby, home, wedding, baby boomer, decor and style space.

BrandCycle works with a network of handpicked lifecycle publishers in the Mom & Family, Wedding, Style, Health & Wellness, Baby Boomer and Green verticals, connecting these publishers with top brands and retailers. We create exclusive campaigns and custom strategy that’s tailor-made for your individual needs.

You can generate revenue from your website, blog and social media channels and BrandCycle’s experts can show you how. Apply to BrandCycle for direct access to great retailers through an easy to use, proprietary interface that cuts out the hassle for logging into multiple networks at once.

They have proprietary technology, which is not available through the traditional affiliate networks, allows BrandCycle to deliver content and campaigns to publishers and affiliates in a more streamlined, user-friendly way.



  • Make money and create links right from a retailer’s site
  • Access deals and content with a single click
  • Reporting included — no need to log in
  • Product deep linking
  • Easy CMS (content management system) and social media integration



  • Centralized login
  • Access to all retail partners across all networks
  • Sample content and exclusives



  • Access best seller lists to know what products are trending and which have the highest conversion
  • Find the right partners based on content you want



  • Your stats, easy to read
  • Key Performance Indicators that are important to you
  • Ability to customize your dashboard to see your most important statistics

Sign up today for FREE and start making some affiliate money!!

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Make Money & Be Your Own Boss

Being a mother is exhausting, we all know that. But being a mother and working full-time is even more challenging. I know, I’ve done both and I have good friends that still work full-time and run a family.



After years of searching for something flexible and something that allowed me to work from home I stumbled across a billion dollar, virtual business that met all my requirements. A friend introduced me to this global business and I saw the opportunity for what it was. We are located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and soon-to-follow Asia. It has the potential to grow exponentially if you just follow the system and believe. I eventually quit my former job and started to focus on my family and my new business. I have three young girls at home so having me stay with the kids was very important to our family life.


erika and coffee
We aren’t a stereotype
Not everybody in this business is cookie-cutter. There is a wide variety of women– and men– that come from all different backgrounds, ages, and stories. Some women are doing this to supplement their income and some just need a change of scenery. I’ve seen professions such as
actresses, ministers, kindergarten teachers, infectious disease doctors, radio hosts, marketing managers, lawyers, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners excel at this business. Direct selling is not what it used to be and having a virtual business that you can control is totally the new gig that is here to stay.
Early in our history, Estée Lauder bought the brand and sold it in department stores. But it didn’t exactly fly off of the backlit shelves.We realized that buying habits were changing and products were selling by word-of-mouth much faster. Think of this as being a personal shopper, who doesn’t want one of those in their back pocket? We don’t stock inventory and aren’t required to book parties. It’s really as flexible as you are.
Create your own future

Compared with starting your own business alone, the overhead and start-up costs in this virtual business are extremely low. First you purchase a kit between $45-995; this includes a variety of business tools and product. The only overhead you’ll see is a monthly website cost of $24.95 and a product expense of at least $80. Compared to any other at-home business this is inexpensive. No other fees! No stocking inventory! What’s also great is that you have the ability to write off expenses that pertain to your business. Of course it’s always best to check with an accountant, but there are a lot of possibilities such as computer, software, phone, cable, miles, and more.



If you are looking for something different or just need a flexible part-time job then send me your questions! I’m happy to help you brainstorm or tell you more about this global gig. The tools for this business are already created! You just need to be motivated and coachable. If you can manage to bring those qualities to the table, then the ocean can be yours.


Erika LaPean
Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant

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Make Money: Affiliate Marketing Share A Sale!

Do you have a blog? Are you interested in making money off a blog? Making money off a blog is not easy, just like anything. That’s the truth. There are so many ways your blog can make money though. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money!


Basically, you post companies banners on your website (based on your audience). Once they make a purchase (or click on a link) you make a percentage. It is a GREAT way for bloggers to make money especially when you have a lot of traffic on your blog.

Share a sale is the perfect way to make extra income! It is the first affiliate program I ever joined and still to this day is the best. I have several affiliate marketing programs I use, but this one seems to have the best programs.


Some of the companies they have, and we work with are, mod cloth, dress lily, check out 51, belly armor, zazzle, shutter fly, tiny prints, creative live, emily ley and so much more!! Sign up today and get started making some money!

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It’s a SPARKLE Life..

Every female LOVES jewelry. I mean seriously.. I can’t ever have enough of it!! I love getting jewelry that will match my outfit and my style. I like to step outside of the box a little bit and mix things up.  I love neutral colors such as nude, tan, creme, browns, etc. It fits my personality so well! When I saw this earrings and necklaces set I knew that I had to get it!!


I was so happy when I found Paparazzi, the best part abut this company is that it is all $5, you heard me FIVE DOLLARS. you can get so much jewelry for the cost of one item at any retail store..


As a working at home mama I hardly ever step outside the house, but I have made a promise to myself that I would take care of myself and allow myself to look and feel good. I love some dangling earrings, like aren’t these the freaking cutest?!!?!


Okay, wait check them out again.. I LOVE them and they go with this brand new necklace I purchased from Leslie too!!


I just love earrings and ones that dangle.. So these are a must. I LOVE black its so casual and can go with just about any color or pattern. All of these items are perfect for the upcoming events in your lives.

I always love wearing my gold jewelry, but every now and then I need to accessory and change things up a lot so this is perfect for those times.

Make sure to check out the links listed below because you will want to get your shopping on for FIVE DOLLARS!!!

You can also set up a facebook party that last about an hour. Leslie also has opportunities for women to start their own business too if you are interested in learning more about that send her a Facebook message!!!

IG – @itsasparklelife

Pinterest @itsasparklelife

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Gardening Precious Moments Flower Pots

I love the springtime and our little garden that we have! It is currently under going some make over since the northern states don’t get as warm quick!! There are still frost warnings at night so we have to be careful!

How adorable are these Precious Moments flower pots?! I mean seriously.. It is hard to find the perfect gardening pieces, but I so happy to have found these!


Garden Gifts by Precious Moments 171456 Hop To It Frog Resin Deck And Garden Planter Yard Decor, 6-inch Diameter by 9.25-inch High Get this one here
Garden Gifts by Precious Moments 171455 Slow Down And Smell The Flowers Turtle Resin Deck and Garden Planter Yard Decor, 6-inch Diameter by 7.25-inch High. Get it here 

We decided to plant a garden this year to help save money and to also give it some scenery around the outdoors. So I was extremely excited when precious moments decided to work with us on this wonderful wonderful ceramic piece.

Precious moments has always had a great great brand name and a great reputation so I feel like it’s their products are going to last for a while and they’re not cheap! They are very expensive but it’s well Worth it so I feel like these ceramic pieces are great for anybody’s garden.

You don’t need a fancy garden if you just have a little garden, you can set it up as you want. You know you can even just put it on your front steps of the porch or something to do something a little different! Make sure to hurry on over to the links listed above to purchase these because they will go fast!!!!

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4 ways to make money off your receipts.

Did you know that you can make money off your receipts, yes it is 100% true. I promise! There are so many ways for you to make money and my goal is to share them with you. It takes two seconds and you can actually make extra cash money!!

  1. Ibotta App – First make sure to find any products that you are buying in the app and you will be able to get money back from it. You can collect as many items as you want!! (from several stores!) You can shop at any store that is on their list: Target, Kroger, etc. It’s super user friendly and easy to use.  Once you purchased the items you scan the receipt and it puts money into the account! Use my code (ocwrist)  to sign up today and we will BOTH get some money added into our account!
  2. Savings Catcher App (walmart) – Whenever you go shopping at Walmart they have an app where you can scan the receipt and they will find items if they were cheaper at other stores and you will get money back for it. Walmart is a huge corporation and a lot of people use them!! So why not make money back using them? I mean it would be foolish for you to not take advantage of this!! They do all the work for you and you can make back a few bucks per each visit! Jump on it.Unknown-2
  3. Yaarlo I love this app!!! It allows you to earn cash back whenever you shop and you can redeem your cash back via gift cards or cash. Literally all you do is scan your receipt and it takes care of the rest. Sign up using my referral code: SUSIELIB274
  4. Coupon or Survey – My biggest and newest way is by taking a survey!! Lots of times there are surveys at the bottom of receipts that allow you to get a coupon or enter into sweepstakes!! This is huge and great!! I have won a FREE tank of gas from taking a survey on a receipt! PLUS lots of times it helps add up points if I have a rewards card or something. Many large corporations do this: Giant Eagle, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

You aren’t going to get rich by doing any of these, but it is nice to have some extra money for birthdays, events, etc. Get started with just one today and add in the rest later if you want!

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Bloggers: A New way to make money.

Are you a blogger and want to make additional money? Well then I have a little secret for you!! I LOVE Linqia.  Brands are looking for bloggers to connect, and help promote campaigns. Brands want to reach a larger audience and YOU are the perfect candidate for it.


After all, your audience TRUSTS you and all that you share with them, so why not start on a new campaign with some of the largest brands and get PAID For it. It can be something as simple as launching a new product, engaging customers around a new brand message, or simply driving in-store sales.


I can’t explain how much I love this company. I just started working with them in August 2016 and have made a HUGE amount of revenue, but it is more than that… I get to help promote brands and help my audience become more aware of brands.

I have worked with some of the largest brand names (Gerber, Huggies, Barilla), and gotten paid for them! You really can too. It’s easy and all you have to do is share blog posts and share on social media via specific campaigns that you get approved for.

(Sign up today using my link)

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Make money as a Virtual Assistant

Are you looking to make additional income? Virtual assistant is SO popular in todays world! A Vritual Assistant is a very broad term since they can offer you so much for your business. All that it means is that they are working anywhere on just about anything. It is not specific to one thing but rather to one niche.


Here are a few tasks that you can offer:

  • Blog Traffic Reporting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Social Media Designs
  • Video Editing
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Creating Infographics
  • Logo/Graphic Design
  • Invoicing /Accounting
  • Email Admin
  • Pr Management
  • Press Release
  • Branding Management
  • Giveaway Coordination
  • Affilfate Management
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Live Webinar Assistance
  • HR Services
  • Internet Research
  • Blog Management
  • Customer Service
  • Telemarketing
  • Website Assistance
  • SEO Services
  • WordPress updates
  • Newsletter Content Creation
  • Mail chimp Assistance
  • Pinterest Expert
  • Sales Funnel Assistance

A lot of these items are items that you can self teach and grow your career with. There’s so many webinars and other networks that will help you. Make sure that you are knowledgable in whatever you offer. Want to learn more about this? Send us an email to get a FREE consultation on how you can make money as a VA.

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Make money with rewards cards.

There are so many wonderful shops that have rewards cards. Rewards cards are a great way to make money and save money, you just have to know which ones are the best! We put together a list of shops for you that have rewards cards and know that you will love.

  1. CVS rewards: There are so many great ways that CVS provides you with rewards such as coupons mailed to you, coupons emailed to you, weekly deals and their circular, and even manufacturer coupons. Most of the time they beat so many great prices and you can get FREE money on your card for specific items. I love how in their ad it shows you the coupon to use so that you can get the best price possible!
  2. Local Grocery Stores: Our local grocery store that we use is Giant Eagle. They have fuel points, and so much more! I make sure to always use my card especially when it comes to the pharmacy!
  3. Starbucks: everyone loves Starbucks and some Coffee right?! It’s crazy to not sign up for rewards from them just because it adds up! If you are there a lot then you might as well get the most out of it!
  4.  Dunkin Donuts Rewards Card and App: It provides you with specials that are being offered. If you go there often you will get plenty of sales and freebies!
  5. Other Retails Stores such as Ikea, Kohls, Big Lots, Staples, Panera Bread, Sears, etc.

Where do you get rewards from?? Make sure that you sign up for your favorite shops emails so that way you can get promos and free stuff!

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Ways to save money this year!

There are plenty of ways for you to save money you just have to know how to shop smart and be aware of ways to ‘cheat’. 


  • Picking the right store with the same quality is critical. We used to go to Walmart because the prices seemed cheaper, but we realized that the meat was not as good as we thought it would be. After much thought we decided to go to Giant Eagle for our meat. I suddenly started to realize that they had more options all over and had much better prices, especially sales!
  • Water…. water… We all know we like water bottles, but in the long run this adds up quick! We used to through a pack a week so thats $3 x 4 =$12 a month minimally. We decided to use water bottles (that were large enough to fill up 2 water bottles) with a water filter in the fridge. We cut expenses wherever we can! PLUS.. another thing is if you are like me you love ice tea, right? Make your own in a pitcher and put it in another bottle for you to take with you instead of getting ice tea.
  • I can’t stress meal planning enough!!! Oh my gosh we are currently working on this all the time. It has saved us time and money. I can know what meat to pull out the nights before or what have you!
  • Use cash back Apps.. This is my favorite favorite way to MAKE money! You heard right!!! Make money grocery shopping? Sign me up. Our favorite is Checkout 51, Ibotta All of these are super easy to use!
  • Cutting back on snacks will help you save money as well! I have limited our snacks to only a few a week that we really truly will eat and that are somewhat healthy. If you are hungry when you go shopping you will buy more (duh) and more snacks!! So make sure you have the strength to turn down the good ones!!
  • Growing your own produce will help you save money.. plus it will be healthier and possibly even last longer. I don’t know about you but I feel like I buy so much produce and never eat it all! I always tell myself that I will, but I never do. We have a tomato plant and cucumber plant outside that I can’t wait to use this  year! We will be able to save money this way with this simple task!

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