It is Okay to Cry

I wish more people would understand this. I feel like people are ashamed to cry or think it’s a sign of weakness it’s not. Emotions are real and if you don’t release them then you won’t be happy. You won’t be happy with yourself. It’s really that simple.  

Its okay to say sorry. I think people are afraid of being wrong. I don’t mind being wrong at all. I don’t mind apologizing when I was wrong. I think this is another thing that the world needs more of. If I do not let out my crying, I end up having a panic attack because I have all these emotions built up that cant be released.  

Why don’t more people understand and get that? Going through this divorce I did both of these things and I gained how to move forward. I realized that I needed to do both for my son. I want him to grow up knowing it’s okay to cry and say his sorry. It’s not a sign  of weakness and no one will make fun of you. 

I’ll tell you a quick story. When I know a divorce was coming I fought to try to stop it. I went to church and literally cried the whole time because everything made sense to me! So with that being said, I went out to breaksfat with some friends afterwards. I ordered sausage and gravy because I don’t have it enough!!I miss it in Nashville. One girl ordered steak and eggs and wanted medium rare. I bawled my eyes. I couldn’t hold it together. I had realized how much a best friend affects you. It was his favorite food, steak. I cried most of the breakfast. The girls didn’t know the whole story but they said “it’s brave of you to cry here we have all been through stuff we respect you and will pray for you.” I cried even harder knowing that I wasn’t embarrassing them and that they weren’t even asking questions. 

I didn’t care if people stared. I didn’t care that my make up was a mess. I didn’t care about any of it because If I didn’t let it out I would of had to leave or have a panic attack or both. I knew that I had good friends by my side and made it all better. 

So cry more and apologize more. We need more of it. And uplift someone when they are having a hard time.   


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Gluten-Free Traveling Problems

Since becoming gluten-free we have noticed many changes. First up, we all see a difference in my son’s behavior and learning. We also experienced some weight loss and the feeling that we do not need caffeine all day. I remember I used to have so many cravings like chocolate and snacks; this is not the case anymore.

It is hard to find gluten-free products, though. You have to make sure that you identify what’s truly gluten-free. We have put together a list of favorite items that we buy weekly now. Sticking to real goods (meat, fruits, and vegetables) helps when shopping. We still enjoy snacks, so we have to be careful with what we purchase.

More importantly, it is hard to be gluten-free when you are traveling. We try to take trips as often as we can. Throw that diet away when you go places. Let’s see… people aren’t considerate at parties. You also have to find specific restaurants that cater to gluten-free eating and hope that they have good food.

When we came home from a recent visit, we noticed a significant difference. We had stomach aches and were bloated. You know, all the pains. We felt down and super tired. It took me about three full days before I got my food back on track.

What do you do when you go on trips? Do you take a lot of snacks with you and look at restaurants before you travel? We are starting to research more ahead of time since we haven’t had the best of luck. We do not use fast food when traveling and try to pack our own food. We also make sure we have our own kitchen area in the hotel so we can shop/bring gluten free items with us. There is so much more than going gluten free (bread).. so much more than it. 


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Easy Ways to Live a Healthy Life

I don’t know about you, but lately, we have been on a health kick. Meaning, we are trying to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. We have gone gluten-free (read why here). I have always loved the spa, massages, and super girly things. They REALLY do help. I have changed so much over the years since becoming an adult. We evolve and learn what is important.

Here are three easy ways to live a healthy life right now:

-Facial. I use Aveda Cream Cleanser. I do a facial once a month in their location, and then purchase the items that I need to take care of my skin at home. Skincare is just crucial for many different reasons.

Rock Salt Lamp. I got into a rock salt lamp kick last year (insert link), and they have been amazing. I recently went to an in-person rock salt cave. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt better both the day of and the day immediately following. You feel so relaxed and improved. It was better than a massage, and I LOVE massages.

-Diet. Your diet is vital; it goes along with the facial. You are what you eat, and if you do not eat healthily, your skin can be affected. I have cut out many foods., read more about our gluten free journey.

Don’t forget to add in some exercise as well. I like to switch it up whenever possible. Sometimes I choose Zumba, sometimes yoga. Changing workouts keeps my interest.

There are so many great ways to live a healthy life, and each person is going to be different. You have to find what you like and want to do.


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5 Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Guest Post by Lauren Cecora is a Postpartum Mentor for women who are desperately overwhelmed and overscheduled. Through her Sanity Saving Tips, free challenges, and book, she’s here to help you regain balance in your life- while making it all effortless.
And when she’s not saving women’s sanity, you can find her with a bottle of wine (yes bottle!), traveling the world, or out on the occasional kid free excursion.
Meet Lauren and get ready to Save Your Sanity at

I want to start off by clarifying that any maternal mental health disorder is different for every individual person. Everyone experiences things differently, and while that isn’t much help initially- my biggest advice is to trust your gut. If you feel that something is out of place- run with that. You know your body best and even when things are different or new- you more than anyone else will know if something feels different than before.

It’s my hope in sharing some of my signs and symptoms with you that it will empower you to think about your life and to help you seek help and healing if suffering with a maternal mental health disorder. Now that I have made it through to the other side of Postpartum Depression and have been managing my Postpartum Anxiety for almost 2 full years, I can see now where my first initial signs were present. I later wrote a book with way more information and tips for healing with PPD and PPA- called: Past-Partum from Shattered to Sane, but something was not quite right in the little corner of my world..

  1. Every little upset in a routine or schedule was debilitating.

I didn’t know how to function or problem solve; everything was overwhelming me and I couldn’t wrap my head around adjusting little things. This was everything from nap time not working out, a fussy baby, more crying than normal, more nursing sessions than normal. Everything that happened to throw me off my grove trapped me. I felt helpless and as is everything in my world was falling apart. I just stopped functioning and I would sit in my house, cancel plans, and just be miserable.

2. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt happy or joyful.

Even when my baby would coo or smile at me or do something amazing, I wasn’t truly happy, that rush of happy endorphins never happened. I would smile on the outside, but I would be annoyed or sad or angry on the inside. And instead of me relishing in beautiful moments I would chastise myself for not appreciating things the way one should. Wasn’t having a baby supposed to make me happy?

3.  I was crying over everything.

Baby woke up 5 minutes early, I cried. I took a shower but didn’t have time to do my hair, I cried. Someone took my parking space at Whole Foods, I cried. Everything made me cry and it would happen without warning or control. And it lasted so much longer than the normal talked about 1-2 weeks post delivery. This went on for months.

4. I would imagine ways to make my daughter stop crying.

This one is probably going to raise some red flags, but I feel it very important to mention because some moms, think thoughts like these and they are not bad moms. When my daughter would cry for hours on end, or wake up in the middle of the night and I was struggling to get her back to sleep, I would sometimes be pacing the dark house, humming a lullaby and thinking of ways I could make her stop, and not in a good normal way.  “If I hit her head on the counter hard enough maybe it will knock her out and she will sleep for a few hours” or “Could I just put her in the car in the garage and shut the door so she could cry it out”.

Sleep deprivation caught up quick with a newborn nursing frequently and a husband deployed without family around. I’m not proud of these thoughts, but they happened, and it was a clear sign that something wasn’t right with me if I was even thinking these thoughts, sleep deprived or not.

5. I would get these debilitating migraines.

I was never one to get even headaches unless I was really sick or stressed out. Maybe once a year, but I had experienced a migraine several years prior due to a work related concussion and I vowed to never want to experience that sort of thing ever again. So when I started getting these piercing aches in my head and I couldn’t get them to go away, I knew something was wrong. The only way I could stop a migraine was to go to sleep. Well for a mom with a husband deployed and a newborn at home and not a single family member around, sleep was not an option in my life. While I thought it was sleep deprivation or stress related as a cause, it turned out to be a severe nutrient deficiency due to pregnancy, nursing, and then not taking proper care of myself. After honing in on a whole food nutrition diet and adding in supplements on a daily basis, not only did it help my stress levels but the migraines stopped after a few weeks.

While these were some of my big signs that I was suffering from more than normal “new mom blues” I have met plenty of women that experience symptoms that are different or similar. Maybe it shows up as insomnia, or uncontrollable anger or rage. Maybe it shows up as exhaustion or lack of empathy or feeling. There is no single definition of PPD- but there are perimeters that you can hit to fall into the category. My best advice for any mom (new or seasoned) is to seek help: your OB or Midwife, your primary care doctor, a nurse, or friend- have them screen you for maternal mental health and get a referral for some counseling. Counseling was an excellent way for me to express my feelings without judgement and provided me guidelines to start taking care of myself.

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With’s wide array of personal wellness products spanning from snacks to self-care, committing to a healthy lifestyle just got easier.

Here are a few of our favorite picks for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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Why taking a Walk Without Your Cell Phone is a Must

Lately I haven’t been on my phone as much at least I don’t think so. It’s hard to get your mind and body away from it. I realized that my phone dies quicker now because I need a new one so this is good for me because I take breaks from it and don’t worry about it as much. 

I have started to take more walks especially with Antonio we love it a lot. So when we take walks I literally leave my phone at home. I don’t want to worry about responding to people or anything. Honestly at first I got major anxiety about this, but as time went on I was happy that I left it at home.

I want to enjoy the little hand holding my hand. I want to talk to Antonio and give him my un divided attention. I want to give him the world. When I take a walk I feel that I give him these things!! I can actually sit there and enjoy the things around me including my son.

No one will need you while you take a walk it will still be there when you get back. Facebook and instagram will be fine too without you… If they do need you they will leave a message and you will call them back. It’s that simple! I remember when I was a kid I didnt have any electronics like ever, and that is how I want Antonio to grow up. Of course he can have some electronics but I want him to be able to enjoy the outdoors like I did when I was little.

You can really enjoy the surroundings and realize how beautiful life and nature is! Try it! Make sure to try a different route when you get bored with your current one; explore the world around you and take note of it!

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Five things you need to do weekly

I never had anxiety or worried until I became a mother. I mean it makes sense, but I still wonder how and why. My doctor gave me a list of things to do to help but I am who I am and I needed to find my own way to do things. 

  1. take care of yourself. Get a massage or a facial or a hair cut. I promise you that even if it is bi weekly or monthly you need to make sure to take care of yourself.
  2. detox social media when I went on vacation I literally left social media behind. Some were scheduled some weren’t. People do it all the time and you will be able to just relax and detox.
  3. do a hobby so my hobbies are music and photography. But my thing is that I make a list of new things to do. We play corn hole weekly and I never thought I would like it! It kept my mind busy and helped me enjoy something new
  4. take a walk it doesn’t matter where you go or for how long just do it. It will help clear your mind and let the stress go away
  5. enjoy a bath there is nothing more calming to me than to enjoy some music and put oils in the tub and just literally enjoy life.

Furthermore, there are things that I do daily; this helps me get through the day and push through anxiety.

  1. go sit in my hammock I literally love to watch things happen outside and enjoy the nature noises.  
  2. read the bible this has become something new to me. I used to go to church when I was younger and now I realize that I need it again.
  3. listen to upbeat music or whatever music you like that will make you feel good.
  4. keep a schedule this helps me stay focused and get things done.
  5. have a notebook I constantly write in it about my thoughts, notes, things to do, etc. This helps me again stay focused and let all my mental thoughts pass by.

What are some things you do?

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Essential Oil Safety For Summer!

Essential oil safety is important because each doTERRA essential oil is pure and potent. With the summer months upon us, here are a few safety tips to keep your essential oil experiences positive.
With school out, young children have more time at home. They often are bored and spend their time exploring the home. Keep your oils in a safe place out of the reach of children. Remind your children that essential oils should be used with a parent. A great way to include your children is to let them pick the oil you are going to diffuse. The uplifting or calming scents that fill your home can contribute to keeping a positive atmosphere and can help dispel hard feelings after an argument.

Look at the labels and follow direction closely, especially if you are trying oils for the first time. Many oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil. For application convenience, many of doTERRA’s most popular oils are prediluted with a carrier oil as part of our Touch line. The Peppermint touch roller is a summer favorite for many because of its cooling effects on the skin. When applying to your face, avoid contact with your eyes, nose, or ears.

Read more on Doterra’s site! 

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