Coin Jar!

You have heard us talk about this coin jar idea for so many things. We know that this seems like a no brainer, but really we promise that it is worth it. It will build up over time.

I seriously find change all the time!! I put change into a coin jar then deposit it into my sons savings account, its a no brainer. I don’t know how I even have change when I use my card like all the time? So crazy. Instead of letting it lay around or spend it on lunch I just deposit it at the bank. I don’t go to the bank often, but once I have a large amount of coins in my jar I go there to just deposit them.

I clean out wallets, drawers, and purses monthly. You wont believe how much change I find in there!! An average month I get about $100 in change. LIKE WHAT!!! That’s $1,200 a year without even knowing it!? That is beyond crazy. 

Its so easy and fun to do. When you find change you are like YAY I am saving 25 cents!!!!! Make it fun! If you have kids, tell them that if they find change you will buy them a piece of candy and put the rest into the change jar they will love it! We promise.

Do you have a coin jar? How much do you find in your coin jar? Head on to your bank and deposit that money, save MONEY! 😉

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