Communication With An Autistic Child

I asked Antonio as he was putting on his socks do you want to wear shorts or pants. He replied “No socks.” 

It got me thinking. He can’t think ahead or understand when he is focused on one thing, the socks. He already had pants on, but it was warm out so I wanted to see if he wanted to put shorts on. However, when I asked this, he was confused. 

It is interesting to see how his mind works, so I can better understand how to communicate with him. This isn’t the first time he has done this. 

One time at school, they went to the library and the teacher told him to take books out of the library to bring home. He replied, “books stay at the library.” Again, this is another time when he was literal about things, and it was quite funny. It is so interesting to see how things can work differently for each person. 

My son has helped me to be a better person and communicator, and also learn more about patience. Being a special needs mom has some great perks to it! 

Sometimes it makes me laugh a little, at how literal they can be. It is truly a blessing and interesting to see how his mind works. 

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