Date night with your SO

How often do you and your husband, or significant other, have date nights? I mean lets be honest here. I think we have only had about TWO real date nights since Antonio has been born, and he’s already 18 months! I realized how important this is for the both of us! Sometimes I feel that I am not a good wife or wonder where our ‘love at first sight’ has gone. You NEED to keep the spark and flare going always.

I know we need to have WAY more. I know it. I think the biggest struggles are what will do and who will watch Antonio? We just moved in September and don’t know many people here, but we are only 4 hours from family so we all can travel if needed. SO that knocks out one problem because I know they will gladly watch him!


What about what to do? I mean… cause I know when we go out we will want to hurry up and get home.. or we talk about Antonio. You remember those days pre kid? When you would go out and talk about a future and family? … How do we find topics to talk about? We are trying this new thing where we can’t talk about Antonio or work at all when we go out on a date night. It’s all a huge change, but we both truly need it. I was told by several people that you need to have a date night with your significant other at least twice a month, so we are going to DO just that!

We are promising each other that we will go out a date bi weekly with each other as sitters permit. It will be a great time! We are pondering ideas of what to do and came across some date night ideas incase others are looking for some too!


  • gun range: we love guns and like to stay up to date with our shooting! This can be fun followed by a lunch or dinner afterward.
  • bar: I haven’t ever really been a huge bar fan, but why not? We can go hang out with some friends, play bar games, and watch sports for a little while.
  • dinner/movie: ahh the traditional dates pre baby.. Pick a movie that you BOTH want to see. This is great since we are always watching cartoons and kid shows; its time for some adult time!
  • ice skating: This is foolish, it has been YEARS since I did this. I am open for new adventures and fun times
  • dance lessons: I love dance, my husband not so much. We took dance lessons a while back for our wedding so we might just go ahead and take some more again!
  • cooking lessons: It doesnt mean you are a bad cook; it just means you want to try some new recipes or cooking ideas!
  • go for a hike: If you are a nature person this is a great idea. We are in the middle of winter in Ohio so it is hard for us to hike when the weather isn’t great. We will keep this in mind for the spring time.
  • shopping: Shopping always wins the key to my heart! Go pick up a new outfit for the both of you then head out to dinner!

What do you and your significant other do for date nights? We would LOVE to hear!

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  1. Date nights are so important and we try to have bi-weekly date nights as well. Skating is fun, and since we live in New England ice skating is always a great time. Some of my favorite dates have included a trip to Target and then to get some ice cream.

  2. What a great list of ideas! Bi weekly makes it so doable and not like an overwhelming thing to change! We love going out for dessert. We also love hiking and trying new restaurants together!

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