Daycare 101

Finding the right daycare can be a pain, especially if this is your first time using one. I know that I made a few mistakes when I first put my son in daycare, and I would love to share them with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I. First, take a deep breath and know that daycare is a huge part of your childs life; it is the first step to independence. You will be worried and thinking about your child, but know that it really is good for them.

Make sure you do your research. Check out how long hey have been in business, their website, their reviews, and read their story. Compare and contrast your top three daycare picks, so you can narrow down your decision.


  • Ask Questions: Make a list of questions that you have. You have to ask questions so that you will feel secure leaving your kid with them! Make sure to keep a notebook of questions to ask and ask them all at the same time so that you can feel organized and confident.
  • Know pricing: Does it cover sick days, etc? this one is huge since it is expensive! If someone can’t work with you on this then it’s not worth it for you. What if you go on vacation? What if your child is very sick? What if you want to go down to part time? Furthermore is it hourly based or just day based? Do you have to have them there for a certain amount a day? Is there a late pick up fee? Find out all of these things so that you can feel at ease.
  • Know what food will be served: Make sure to get a menu for the week and note if your child doesn’t like certain things. If your child likes juice or something else make sure to note that and ask what they will do for this? Find out how often they eat and what times they eat, etc. This will help you keep you on schedule on days when your child isn’t at daycare.
  • Will they give you updates hourly? Ok maybe not hourly, but will they call you if your child isn’t eating well? Will you get email notifications? How will hey communicate things to you through out the day? Make sure you let them know to call you if your child isn’t eating, feeling well, etc.
  • What will they do in an emergency situation? If your child isn’t eating and having trouble breathing will they call you or take him to the er? Ask them if they have CPR certifications?
  • What is their schedule like? Are they open from 6-6? What is the day schedule like? Furthermore, what will they be doing hour to hour. Do they do story time? Is there learning activities? If there isn’t any learning going on you might as well skip it because this is a must. Ask for criteria that they will do so that you can work with the child at home.
  • Do they enforce discipline? If so how? Ask them if we don’t want them biting on things will they help enforce it? The hardest thing is trying to break your child from a habit that they are doing in daycare but not at home; it has to complement on another.

Putting your child in daycare is no easy task by any means, but this will help you prepare for it. What are other things do you look for in daycares?

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  1. Definitely informative! We haven’t needed day care yet, but I feel like some of this will apply to preschool/baby sitters as well!

  2. I work at a mother’s day out and preschool program! I would say these are some great questions to ask! Especially about the schedule and discipline. I find that if there is any lack of communication in these areas it can create problems in the future.

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