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Discover Frugal Ways to Save Money for the Holidays

I know the holidays scream money; trust me, I know. Here are some of my tips to save money during the holidays. Pick which ones work best for you and wisely save your money this holiday season. These are some of my tips that I have done first hand and really have helped me to save better.  

  1.  Christmas Cards.  I used to have to send them and create a fun and meaningful theme each year. I sent out more than I received. Each year, I got less and less. So now, I don’t do them. They took a LOT of time to do. Not to mention, they can cost a good amount of money. (Maybe around $50+ including stamps!)  We have actually decided to only send to immediate family members custom kid art work; they seem to appreciate that more.
  2. Holiday Dinner.  Potlucks or buffets are much less expensive than the traditional sit-down dinner. There is nothing worse than being the cook and not being able to interact with guests. The bigger thing though is saving money if you have ever hosted any holiday dinner you know how quick it all adds up. This cookbook has so many great ideas for a potluck so when people ask you what to bring, you can provide a great answer.
  3. Stick to cash.  I know how easy it is to bring out the plastic this time of the year. Figure out how much you spend each year, and start a dedicated Christmas savings account in CASH! (Remember those?) You will be happy; something about cash makes it easier to manage and budget cash flow. This is a great way to hold onto that cash!
  4. Family Fun.  I know you want to do many different activities (all of which cost money). Find one or two with expenses that you want to go to, and attend. Forget about the other items and have movie night from Netflix or Amazon.
  5. Have a cookie swap.  Each guest brings a favorite Christmas cookie, and you swap with others. This way you don’t have to bake all these cookies and do all the work, and of course spend all the money. You even have a variety to choose from now, so you can enjoy something different.

There are many other ways to save money this holiday season, but these are my five favorite practices that we do each year. Don’t forget to budget for gifts and stick to it. Happy Shopping!


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  1. these are great tips, this season has become so wasteful in so many ways, I truly believe that Christmas should be more about spending time with loved ones than spending money to pay off next year 🤔

  2. YES! I don’t do Christmas cards simply because I don’t have enough time. Glad to hear I’m not alone. 🙂

  3. Great reminders! I haven’t done cards for a long time. A few years ago (after moving twice) I found the photo cards I had ordered for Christmas for the previous 6 or 7 years that I had ordered but never mailed out. I wrote a funny letter about see how we’ve grown and mailed all the cards at once.

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