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Easter DOLLAR Finds for Your Kids & Anyone!

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Easter is such a fun time of year. I love all the holidays and activities that each one brings with it. I haven’t really been able to enjoy Easter in the past years because Antonio was so little and couldn’t understand the concept. 


This year is different and I am so excited to share a few of our favorite activities and finds from the Dollar Tree. You know that I am frugal and LOVE a good deal so I couldn’t pass up these great finds for only a DOLLAR!

Antonio is ausiitic but since he has been meeting his goals I thought why not try some super fun activities. First things first, he LOVES Mickey. LIKE LOVES MICKEY. Anything Mickey makes him attentive and happy. I couldn’t pass up these super cute Mickey stickers!



These stickers are great to use for potty training, and to use for our craft that we put together. There is a fair amount of stickers in there, so we won’t be empty handed anytime soon!

But what we had the most fun with, was these awesome painting activities. They are super easy to use and fun to use!! I worried about it being messy, but it was not. In fact you don’t even necessary need water to paint with this! You even can add the stickers on the paintings when done. We loved giving these to grandma.

Plus I was even able to stock on baskets for my nephews and create a little gift for Antonio’s teachers at speech.

SHOP The Items: 

  1. Easter-Themed Poster Paint Sets 
  2. Stickerland Easter-Themed Licensed Character Sticker Books
  3. Bright Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs, 18-ct. Packs
  4. Plastic Travel Mugs, 16.5 oz.

So whether you are wanting to create crafts, baskets, or a little gift for the teachers and kids around you this is the way to go. People love opening up their baskets filled with goodies such as candy, arts and crafts, and of course toys.

If you are looking for a gift for a teacher – these coffee mugs are the way to go. Because after all they have to deal with kids and need as much energy as possible (in a happy sarcastic voice). Treat them to something they might also love such as lotion, candy, or candles. Shop the Dollar Tree

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  1. I don’t have kids yet, but I’m a speech therapist and I work with kids, so these are wonderful ideas that I can use with them! I really should go to Dollar Tree more for ideas! Thanks for sharing these!

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