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Easy Ways to Live a Healthy Life

I don’t know about you, but lately, we have been on a health kick. Meaning, we are trying to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. We have gone gluten-free (read why here). I have always loved the spa, massages, and super girly things. They REALLY do help. I have changed so much over the years since becoming an adult. We evolve and learn what is important.

Here are three easy ways to live a healthy life right now:

-Facial. I use Aveda Cream Cleanser. I do a facial once a month in their location, and then purchase the items that I need to take care of my skin at home. Skincare is just crucial for many different reasons.

Rock Salt Lamp. I got into a rock salt lamp kick last year (insert link), and they have been amazing. I recently went to an in-person rock salt cave. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt better both the day of and the day immediately following. You feel so relaxed and improved. It was better than a massage, and I LOVE massages.

-Diet. Your diet is vital; it goes along with the facial. You are what you eat, and if you do not eat healthily, your skin can be affected. I have cut out many foods., read more about our gluten free journey.

Don’t forget to add in some exercise as well. I like to switch it up whenever possible. Sometimes I choose Zumba, sometimes yoga. Changing workouts keeps my interest.

There are so many great ways to live a healthy life, and each person is going to be different. You have to find what you like and want to do.


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