Four Moving Tips

We are almost fully moved into the house. Ok well we are moved in for the most part! But the work on it is never really done. I feel like it is ever ending! We are organizing beyond belief and getting rid of what we can!  I know that moving sucks – I get it more than anyone else. We have moved so many times since we are military.

Here are a few tips I found helpful: 

  • Always save receipts – even years old..

We are in the process of claiming damaged goods and I used to have things in my file cabinet from years ago. Now they are gone. Luckily I am able to go back in bank statements or call the place that we brought it from and get the information needed. This is critical to have for large purchases. Regardless of how old it is you can get money back from depreciation value. Save those receipts and have a folder ready for it.

  • Get rid of things BEFORE you move

So our house might be bigger and we might have more storage but there are things that just need to go. I’ve have them forever and there is just no need for it anymore. I have thrown away more in the past week than I have in the past years! We could of saved time and money if I just got rid of things before we moved!

  • Organize things into crates, before you pack

I am finding things in different boxes, crates that don’t even go together! I found my bathroom stuff in the kitchen boxes.. I am going nuts trying to find things that I know were packed it is just a question of where. Organize things BEFORE you move so that you can have it somewhat organized and don’t need to do double work.

  • Take important things with you

I mean this seems like common sense… We took all the file cabinet stuff into a mini one. This way we can know that we have what we needed plus didnt have to worry about someone else stealing it, etc. Passports, birth certificates are all important. Also, take the cleaning supplies with you since you will want it when you first move into the house. Make a list of things that you know you will need.

  • Save money

You are going to need it for when you do the first grocery shopping trust me on that one. I know moving requires a lot of money from traveling to hotel stays, etc. The truth though is that you need to save every penny because once you settle in you are going to need to start over. You are going need new freezer, fridge, and cabinet items. The best thing to, is when you are getting rid of stuff have a quick garage sale and make some quick money and use this as your grocery money at the new place; it’s a win-win!

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