Frugal About Tupperware

If you are anything like me you love Tupperware and can’t get enough of it! I always add to my tupperware collection in any way possible! We have our nice collection and then the collection of re usable. 

The re usable is referred to as the kind that we buy and keep and re use. Have you ever brought deli meat from a store that is in a container? Or maybe you brought apple juice in a nice large container! That is us right here. I don’t mind paying an extra dollar on one of those large OJ cans that has a dispenser on it! It’s perfect.

If you are like me you are about saving and being frugal… right! So keep those containers… keep them wash them and re use! Seems so silly to not do! OH and whenever we have Chinese we keep those too!

We use these containers when we have people rover and they take food home this way if we don’t get it back we don’t have to haunt them down!! Do you keep Tupperware whenever possible??? If not what do you do that’s frugal?  We want to hear more about it!

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