Frugal Home Improvements

I have to say that we brought our new house but of course there always needs to be some updating and renovating. However, we paid a lot for this house so we aren’t able to fully re do kitchen, etc. Plus they don’t really need it, all the stuff that we want to do is minor.

Here are a few things that we did and were SUPER frugal about:

  • The upstairs bathroom looked like an 80’s bathroom. It had a yellow paint color and a wooden vanity to it. So we decided to go ahead and paint the vanity white. We repainted all of the light fixtures white to match it (instead of buying new ones). We then painted the bathroom walls, the total spent was about $50 
  • Light Fixtures: Light fixtures can be super super pricey.. We HATED the ones here so we wanted to make them our own. What we did was take the old ones down carefully and find new ones that we loved. We went ahead and sold the old light fixtures on Facebook and made money that helped make up for the light fixtures. Spent about $150 total
  • Painting of doors: We are wood people but hate the wooden doors in the house so we ended up painted all our our doors WHITE. Like all the bedroom and closet doors white, crazy I know. But we like for it to be modern and fresh. Total Spent about $60 

As you can see simple things, such as painting, can go a long way. So before you go ahead and spend thousands of dollars on new kitchen or bathrooms, see what you can use and resell. Also, make sure that you have the time do it yourself rather than hire someone!

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