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Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids For Only a $1

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I am a fan of the holidays and being frugal, so I try to find great crafts to do for my son whenever possible. I am getting in the holiday spirit with some great crafts! The Dollar Tree is my favorite store at this time of year simply because I can get so much stuff for a buck! Yes a buck!

First off, stocking stuffers are the best at the Dollar Tree. I can get so many great stocking gifts for a great price. It is the best place for this.. From hygiene to candy to toys, you can get some quick, easy stocking stuffing gifts there!


Okay now let’s talk about the crafts. Crafts are so important for kids. It helps them and develop in many different ways. So no matter what craft you choose to do, it is helping your child more than you know. Plus you get a great keepsake! The Dollar Tree has a set of ornaments and painting where you can have your child create their own ornament.


I found a few crafts at the Dollar Tree that made me excited for my son. This was my second craft that I liked. I found a coloring book, that was really a painting book! It came with the paint and everything.


Needless to say if you decided to do anything with paint, make sure to have tons of paper towel and don’t have good clothes on your kid. Half way through the crafts I took Antonio’s shirt off because he was getting super messy.

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