Gardening Precious Moments Flower Pots

I love the springtime and our little garden that we have! It is currently under going some make over since the northern states don’t get as warm quick!! There are still frost warnings at night so we have to be careful!

How adorable are these Precious Moments flower pots?! I mean seriously.. It is hard to find the perfect gardening pieces, but I so happy to have found these!


Garden Gifts by Precious Moments 171456 Hop To It Frog Resin Deck And Garden Planter Yard Decor, 6-inch Diameter by 9.25-inch High Get this one here
Garden Gifts by Precious Moments 171455 Slow Down And Smell The Flowers Turtle Resin Deck and Garden Planter Yard Decor, 6-inch Diameter by 7.25-inch High. Get it here 

We decided to plant a garden this year to help save money and to also give it some scenery around the outdoors. So I was extremely excited when precious moments decided to work with us on this wonderful wonderful ceramic piece.

Precious moments has always had a great great brand name and a great reputation so I feel like it’s their products are going to last for a while and they’re not cheap! They are very expensive but it’s well Worth it so I feel like these ceramic pieces are great for anybody’s garden.

You don’t need a fancy garden if you just have a little garden, you can set it up as you want. You know you can even just put it on your front steps of the porch or something to do something a little different! Make sure to hurry on over to the links listed above to purchase these because they will go fast!!!!

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