Generic VS Store Brand Names

Names Brand VS Store Brands 

There is no denying that store brand name items are going to be cheaper than generic name brands. We have put together a list of items that we have tested and tried to see if there was any difference.. Save your money where you can and use it somewhere else. Every little bit adds up and you will be surprised how much $1 per item can save you when you grocery shop. Always double check to make sure of the ingredients on the back if you have specific allergies.

Generic Products: 

  • Ghiradeli chocolate chips: My mother swears by these and uses them for all her baking needs. We don’t go with any other kinds of chocolate, its just the way it is. We can absolutely tell the difference and notice that no other chips melt as good as these!
  • Chobani Greek Yogurt: Yogurt is one of those things where you will want to pay extra for the good kind. You can tell the difference in plain yogurt absolutely. Make sure to spend the extra money and get generic name brand items.
  • Peanut Butter: There is no touching JIF hands down! You can’t touch the price or taste that you get with it!!! PLUS if you are lucky enough to get a coupon for this, then it will make it just about the same price as store brand items
  • Pantene Hair Color: Don’t mess with the others when it comes to quality. The feel on your hair compared to anything else is amazing. You can also always look for coupons.
  • Bounty Paper Towels: It is the most absorbent and nothing comes to close to it. I rather spend the extra money on it rather than having to go through multiple paper towels for a spill!
  • Bacon: Wright Bacon, Nothing comes close to this. I go the extra mile to make sure that we get this bacon every single time. The other bacon just seems off to us, don’t mind if it a buck extra – sometimes you can even find a coupon for it!

Store Brand Products:

  • Milk: This is one of those things where one name over the other isn’t going to matter. Unless of course you choose to get organic or almond milk then there will be a difference. However, when it comes to regular Vitamin D Whole Milk you wont be able to notice the difference.
  • Orange Juice: Ever had that OJ that was so strong and acidic? With Store brand named OJ we find that it tastes better, and is even priced better – it’s a win win!
  • Canned Goods: These are almost a no brainer .. for some specific soups you can absolutely tell the difference but if there is a large can of beef broth for Walmart, I am going to choose that over Campbells..

Shop smart when it comes to this! Do you agree with this list above? What are some of your favorite store items vs generic?

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