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Get Organized This Winter in 5 Easy Steps

Now that the “colder” months are ahead I find myself getting bored easier. I really dislike being cooped up in the house all the time and easily get cabin fever. I need to keep busy doing things, both physically and mentally.

Usually in the summer months we can get outside constantly. From mowing the lawn and yard work to swimming to evening walks. So now what to do? We can all use new ideas for activities, so I put together this list to help you get organized and fend off feelings of cabin fever.

  1. Reduce your smartphone apps. You know all those annoying apps on your phone you used once and never used it again? I know you have some too. Just delete them! It makes finding the ones you use so much easier! Plus you’ll have more room for pictures.
  2. Unsubscribe from emails. This one was my biggest project. I have so many emails coming in from stores that I never shop at, and never will. So I unsubscribed from them so that I could focus on the emails I do like.
  3. Pick a closet to clean. I like to try to keep things organized and clean. So when I clean a closet, I get rid of clothes, blankets, and sheets. I reorganized it so that I could actually shut the door and when I open it nothing falls out.
  4. Purge and organize cabinets. I know you have a junk drawer in your kitchen. The kind that you struggle to open because there is so much stuff in it. Stuff that you didn’t even know was there or haven’t used in months. Take everything out, clean the drawer, and don’t be afraid to throw things out!
  5. Clean your digital calendar. This is another one of my favorite tasks. I have events and activities on my digital calendar from my old house, several are years old. I put them in my calendar so I could stay organized and didn’t forget things, but now they need to go. I was still getting notifications for those things so it cleared up space and time when I deleted them.

Some other options may include painting, cleaning windows, or sorting through old clothes. Make your list now, before the hustle and bustle of the holidays to prepare for those long, cold, winter days.

Are there other things you’d have on your list? Consider adding something that you have been putting off this year. Take some time to clear your mind and enjoy the time inside.

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  1. Great tips! I tend to get unorganized during winter too. I think my biggest struggle in the winter is getting up at a consistent time, i don’t like to get up if the sun isn’t up, but during winter, that means I am sleeping 2 hours later.

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