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Gut Health & Autism

As a health coach who specializes in families of children who have a “D” disorder (AADHD, ADD,SPD,OCD,ODD,ASD), I hear the same story from my families.. Their children struggle with chronic constipation or diarrhea, gas and bloating.. My own son who has ADHD and SPD struggled for years with chronic constipation.. Only recently are experts seeing the link between the microbiome in our gut and brain health.. So what is microbiome?? Well, basically it’s a small (mmicro) habitat of living things (bbiome) found in all areas of our body especially our digestive system.. Hippocrates said the “ all disease begins in the gut” and research is proving that is so..

Science Daily reported in June, 2017 that “ since the 1960’s there have been over 150 papers on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Gut health and scientists have been reporting links between the composition in the gut and autistic behavior.. ” Although much more research is needed,, this is where I start with my clients as I believe in the gut – brain connection..

So where are we to begin?? Here are a few steps to improving the gut health for you and your family..

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1.. Invest in a good probiotic,, one that withstands our stomach acid.. The good bacteria that’s in a probiotic needs to pass through the stomach and open up in our intestines to work.. A few brands I like:: Garden of Life, MegaFood, doTerra PB Assist Jr..

2.. Remove gluten and casein from your child’s diet.. Now I know from firsthand experience how hard this is, but research is showing more and more how gluten and casein (milk protein found in the milk of mammals ) causes inflammation in the lining of the gut.

3.. Include prebiotic foods in your diet:: bananas,, honey,, garlic and onions.. Try to get two to four servings of these prebiotic – rich foods a day..

Consistency is the key and that’s the hard part.. That’s where I come in.. I walk hand in hand with my clients on a path to health and wellness.. I’d love to chat with you if you feel like having a partner would benef it you or your family.. Please reach out or check out my website. 

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