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Memorial Day weekend is often filled with family and friends gathering together for good food and good times. If you’re planning a Memorial Day backyard BBQ, be sure you have a few essentials on hand to make it a weekend to remember.

Here are a few of our favorite hosting essentials.

Martha Stewart Wood 4-Pc Grilling Set 

If your grilling tools are looking more ‘tired and tarnished’ than ‘tried and true,’ it may be time for an upgrade. This four-piece wood grilling set features everything a grill master could need: a two-pronged fork, a basting brush, a spatula, and tongs, all with a classic rosewood handle and stainless steel finish.


Ribbed Glass 2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Stand 

This beverage dispenser is sure to be a real crowd pleaser from Memorial Day and beyond. The large 2-gallon clear glass container holds enough liquid to last a couple of hours depending on your number of guests, so you can do more celebrating and less of worrying about beverage duty.


Stars and Stripes Burlap Banner

Add some patriotic decor to your Memorial Day BBQ with this handmade banner. Its burlap material adds an authentic feel to your gathering. Grab several and string them across your deck or fence for the perfect party touch.


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