How A Single Mom Does It All: I outsource

When I first became a single mom, I thought to myself how am I going to be able to get all the things done… You know the lawn, dishes, cleaning, laundry, work, parenting, etc. The list goes on and on. The struggle was real. I was on a strict budget and could not afford all the things that I wanted.

Now that I have taken control of my life, I am able to manage it much easier and focus on how to manage my time much more efficiently so I am not doing all the things. 

The key to single parenting is OUTSOURCING. 

  • Pet sitting: If I am going away or out of town, I totally let my friend watch my dog(S) while I am away. I used to have two dogs and it made traveling so much easier. She would watch them and I wouldn’t have to worry about putting them in the kennel. Now that I have one dog, I still sometimes ask her to watch Bella. 
  • Cleaning: YES. I outsource cleaning. I have a cleaning lady come once a month and do deep cleaning. This helps to ensure that we are getting in all the cracks and grains that I don’t clean every day. This has been a huge lifesaver for me. She comes for about two hours a month and it really knocks a lot off my plate. 
  • Babysitter: Again, this is awesome to have! When I first got divorced, I was nervous and scared to have someone else watch my boy. However, now I have so many great people that I can depend on and rely on that I feel great about having some adult time. 
  • Lawn guy: This is perfect, he will do my grass, leaves, and even snow. He covers my yard all year round. I highly suggest outsourcing this. 

I have learned that my time is valuable and I love being able to get things off my plate. 

What I outsource in business 

  • Accounting: If you know me personally, you know that math is my weakness. I am NOT good at all with this. I have found that my anxiety is WAY lower when I have someone doing this for me. 
  • CPA: Well, if I do not do the accounting, then I wouldn’t take on the CPA role either. I outsource this and have never looked back since then. I love that my CPA has helped me to create a great system to pay quarterly taxes and get the best bang for my buck.
  • Admin work: I learned a long time ago, that admin work takes up a ton of time. This was one of the first things that I outsourced. I love that I can have someone work on contracts, proposals, and other items so that I can have more time with my clients. 
  • Creative tasks: Just this past year, I started to hire and take on team members for writing, design, and website development. If I wanted to grow my company, I needed to be able to have a team to assist.

I didn’t grow any of this overnight. You might not need all the help, but I know that my time is valuable. Figure out what you can outsource, and make it happen. 

Meet Susie Liberatore

As an Art Director with over 10 years of experience in the agency and corporate world, I saw global and local clients missing out on so many opportunities to get leads because of inconsistent branding. My goal is to help them generate new clients with my strategic processes. I help businesses NOT waste time or money and provide the highest quality design and service. As a single mom to an autistic child, I know how valuable time and money are. 

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