How be Frugal With Baby Wipes

Lately money has been incredibly tight, I am not even going to lie. It’s been paycheck to paycheck and I am not ashamed of it. We try to save and then take a step backward, it’s life. It’s hard. And you have to live a little too.  

I realized the other day we were almost out of wipes like really out of wipes. I told myself I am not going to the store to buy more… I don’t have the money to.

The thing is that… we buy from Sams club so we always have TONS! I started to realize that we have wipes all over the place. I keep some in the kitchen drawer, I keep some in the car, in the bathroom.. everywhere. So when I realized that I was running low, I realized I had full packages elsewhere that I could use instead of running out and spending $15, so that is EXACTLY what I did for a couple of days.

I wasn’t going to buy wipes from any other store except Sam’s because they last WAY longer and are WAY more affordable than somewhere at a local store. Some people say you can use coupons elsewhere and get them for free, but honestly the amount I get in packages from other stores are not even the same!

I knew I needed to get some, but it held me over until payday for sure. I also learned that I need to be more cautious of the wipes. I used to use them to wipe his hands and face off. Now I am using wash cloths or paper towels, this has been much more effective for us and causes our buck to go longer, so to speak.

I am going to try a DIY soon, with creating my own wipes with essential oils. It sounds like it could be a great venture and topic! What do you think?

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