How Rejection Made Me a Better Person; Rejection is okay

How Rejection Made Me a Better Person; Rejection is okay

There once came a time when I was scared of failing and getting rejected. I had been rejected. so many times in my life that I just had that feeling nothing could get better. I am sure you can relate. I had to change my mind and realize that everything is fine, and that was so hard to do. But when you do change your mind you can achieve just about anything. For real.

I want you to know, Rejection is OKAY, though. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to buy from you. Some people might not be happy with your service or product. That is okay. I am giving you permission to understand this is okay. It doesn’t mean they don’t value you, or your work, but rather that they don’t need it right now. It might mean they have their own problems, whatever it might be.

Furthermore, It is okay to say no and accept no as an answer in life and business. I have turned away customers for numerous ideas, but I did it knowing that I could save my own sanity and time.

When someone rejects you, either personally or professionally, take some time to reflect. Was it because of an internal battle you had with yourself, or were they just not ready? A lot of times it is because of our own insecurities and problems. We doubt ourselves. People can hear it in our voices and see it in our faces. No matter what, keep doors open and look forward. Sometimes things just don’t happen because there isn’t a need for it at that moment.

Once I realized my worth and who I really was, I realized I didn’t care about rejection. Why? Because I knew I was worthy and knew that I could change it around. What other ways can you get rejected? If you send out a proposal after they already agreed that they wanted the job, but now changed their mind. That is hard. However, it is okay. This type of rejection hurts, but it just means you need to get better with closing your sales. It means you need to communicate better with them.

In order to grow in life and business we must accept rejection and turn it into a positive thing. We often will find ourselves in a rut and dealing with self esteem whenever we get rejected. Don’t do it, you will be just fine. —> Join me over in my private little clubhouse for FREE RIGHT NOW, before we no longer accept new members!!


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