How To Communicate With Autistic Kids

Now that Antonio is talking more I feel like we are making great progress. However, we are still facing issues as that is bound to happen.  I make sure to take note of the things we struggle with so that way I can keep working on them with him. 

  1. Not clear: Sometimes things are not clear what he says when I am not talking to him directly. He likes to repeat things from his iPad so sometimes I can figure it out, but other times I can not. I ask him to repeat himself, he will do that a few times, but then will get frustrated. It is important that I keep asking him to repeat it so we can work through it together. 
  2. Very soft: He will talk very soft, or very loud, there isn’t an in between. If I ask him to speak louder it will basically be a scream and super loud. We are working on understanding the difference noise levels so that he can talk more regular with others. He will imitate and repeat the different noises and vocals I make, so I make sure that I do it at the right noise level. 
  3. Can’t complete sentences: I always make sure to let him communicate his needs and wants. I make him communicate into a sentence form so he can really start to communicate more efficiently. 

I know so many parents that have gone through the same issues as myself. There is no right answer to improve communication with a nonverbal child all it takes is determination and patience. I enjoy being able to help and guide others since I have had to take my own action steps. If you are looking for support, feel free to reach out; I always love sharing our journey and techniques. 

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