How to Create a Killer Instagram Story Campaign

Instagram is huge and is one of the best ways to get sales for any business. There are several ways for Instagram to rock. The most popular thing right now is Instagram stories. You can NAIL these and generate new leads and sales. Stories are great because they stay up for only 24 hours, so people have the urgency to click through and take action.

Did you know that you can NOW schedule Instagram Stories and Videos from Tailwind App? You simply load up your video or post, and use Push Notifications to send it to Instagram and into your Stories!


You first have to decide how you’re going to appeal to your audience. Share a personal story or a simple introduction. People want to be able to connect and stories sell. Work in results, before-and-afters, proof of success, etc.

Most of this is best done by you talking to the camera or creating a series of slides. Use polls to help your viewers find the problems that they are having, so you can solve them. For example: “Which Do You Struggle With More?”

Make sure to keep your Story frame visually appealing and interesting (hello branding expert here!). You will want to keep away from not having clear graphics or call to actions. Keep it consistent and clean. Go ahead and schedule those stories with Tailwind. 

You will want to share out exactly what your audience needs to do next! You can let them do a poll here, or ask a question. Make sure to engage and interact no matter what. Super easy and friendly, right?

You can do all this and more, just by signing up for Tailwind. 


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