How to Grocery Shop Smarter

I have dreaded grocery shopping because I hate hearing the total, after all it is a lot of money. I always try to plan and save, but things just haven’t worked out and I always end up spending way more than I want to. Over time I have studied and made changes. Here are a few ways that I have grocery shopped smarter:

  1. Bring cash: This sounds crazy at first, but I don’t want to spend money on my card and cash if  I go over the amount of cash I have. This makes me stay focused and really keep track of my groceries that are in the cart to add up to my cash.
  2. Write down prices and compare: During the week I study ads and walk around stores to see and compare prices. I am telling you that the prices I do find are a great deal. I shop at about three stores after everything is all said and done!
  3. Set Budgets: Yes, we know that you know this and get this, but set budgets. I spend x amount at a store and have x amount of coupons so I will be spending a total of at x store. That is how I stick to my budget and know the exact amounts!
  4. Basic List: Keep a basic list that you use weekly, bi-weekly etc. You will find that keep repetition and sticking to the same items helps keep you on track.
  5. Only save on things you need: Don’t get coupons unless you are buying the items and need those items. I see people too many times getting coupons upon coupons and are over spending because they have those coupons!
  6. Buy Store Name Items: I started doing this recently and couldn’t believe how much I was saving. The biggest items here are like canned goods, mashed potatoes kits, etc. I can’t tell the difference in the name brand when I eat it so why not?

What are ways you grocery shop smarter and save money?

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