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How To Make Money With Photography

Whether you take photos of food, landscapes, office decor, or even portraits, you should use that work wisely. In fact, let’s  get you paid by selling some photos! Why not put your photos to good use? Shutterstock is a great way to make some extra cash.

Often misconceptions or questions surround selling photos. Making money from selling your photos doesn’t happen over night – much like anything else.

But here are some pointers that will help you increase profit just by selling your images:

  1. Good Lighting– Make sure your photos are lit well. You should be using a flash for this, but be careful not to over expose the image either.
  2. Not over edited– Avoid using filters or any overlays on your images. Shutterstock will not approve these.
  3. Sell what they buy– This will take some time. But once people pay for an image, keep taking photos of what they are purchasing. Regardless if you like it or not, if it is selling, then it’s a go!
  4. Have fun– Don’t stress about making money, it will happen when you least expect it to. I visit the portal weekly so that I don’t go crazy wondering if I earned anything or not.
  5. Keywords– This is critical! Be sure to look at other images and take notes. This is the bread and butter to really help you sell.
  6. Plan ahead– If you are in the month of March, start uploading images of America, the 4th of July, summer, etc. People are searching for these now!

Sign up to sell photos using my credit:

The money will add up over time and you will get to enjoy your hobby at the same time., So, why not? You can always find out what will be approved via Shutterstock on their page. Again, ensure you also do not have any major brand names in the photos! There is also a lot of helpful links on shutterstock that you can find, so look around. Happy Selling!

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