How To Plan A Successful Birthday Party

I am a little behind on telling you about Antonio’s birthday party, so here I go. Antonio turned two this past month and I was so excited to allow him to see all our friends and family; it is always great to see them. I love putting on parties and creating memories! 

Antonio was a little cranky when he woke up and when guests started to arrive. I wasn’t really sure what all that fuss was about but we got over it pretty quick.  I loved watching him run around with his cousin who is a little younger than him. Whenever we opened presents then took them away he would give a little pouty face, it was so cute! Now we can’t play enough with all his gifts!!

People were telling me I should do event planning on the side while that sounds amazing I don’t even have much free time now! But if anyone needs help I’d be glad to offer my services hah!! It is definitely fun to do!!

So let’s get to the party details!!! To plan a perfect party have all the grounds covered listed below:

I wish I had more pictures but I didn’t want to be completely anti social!! Thank you to everyone who came and helped make this another birthday to remember!

antonios 2nd birthfay

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  1. What a cute theme! I love the details. I love planning birthday parties. That is one of my favorite things to do.

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